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rudolphI find great stuff on the Internet Archive all the time, and now I can use a tool called CratePlayer to create playlists from movie and audio files.  For example, I want to play a bunch of old Christmas movies at my holiday party this year so I found some cartoons and added them to a Crate.  Now all I have to do is hook my computer up to the TV, press play, and poof!  Instant entertainment!

crateplayerCratePlayer is a curation tool that lets you gather audio and video content from online sources into collections that can be played and shared.  When they approached us about incorporating Internet Archive items into their platform, we said “yes!” and gave them some pointers about accessing content.  Off they went, and in short order they had it all working.

Try using their bookmarklet as you’re poking around among audio and video content.  It’s easy to use and might help you keep track of all the great things you find.

4 thoughts on “Create playlists with CratePlayer

  1. Joe Brilliant

    Thank you to the team for allowing CratePlayer to be curatorial collaborator, and to everyone for the kind words! We hope you find this integration useful and can’t wait to see the amazing content that gets crated. If you have any questions/feedback please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at

    Here’s to curating a better Internet together!

    Joe Brilliant
    Founder & CEO

  2. rob

    What a fantastic idea. It streamlines the whole process of finding audio on a topic you are searching for and then creating a playlist separately. Now it can be done all at the same time.

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