Please Help Protect Net Neutrality

Please stand with the Internet Archive to Protect Net Neutrality by writing to your congressperson.    Today, many organizations are putting “Internet Loading” symbols on their sites to bring awareness to the stakes to those of us that would be at the mercy of the Cable and Phone Companies to selectively slow down our sites for profit or just because they may not like our policies.

China started blocking the Internet Archive again a couple of months ago, we believe, because they do not like our open access policies.    In this way, we have started to understand the power in the hands of the Internet service providers.    Lets keep our access to Internet sites “Neutral” and not at the discretion of companies and governments.

Please write to your congressperson.

2 thoughts on “Please Help Protect Net Neutrality

  1. Robert B. Livingston

    What a “web” we weave when we pretend to learn about freedom from observing China’s dictatorial practices, or by making believe that “our” FCC and congresspersons represent us above big business and the profit system.

    Who is to believe that Washington cares about our interests when people like Aaron Swartz are hounded to death, and when other dissidents are lied about, jailed, exiled, targeted or killed?

    What are we to do having learned that all Americans are spied on– even Congresspersons, like Dianne Feinstein– who was powerless to defend herself?

    “The real defense of net neutrality can only be conducted as part of a struggle for socialism.”

  2. Anonymous 1337

    Hi Brewster,

    If China and other regimes are censoring the internet archive, why not making the internet archive availible in the TOR and I2P Darknets so even people in these regions could acces it easily. has many servers and lots of bandwith, why not hosting some TOR Relays ? As long as you run “non-exit” relays there should also be no legal problems. If more and more people use encrypted services it should also be more difficult for ISPs to do Deep pacted inspection and exclude services they do not like. Lets TORify the Internet.

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