The New Yorker: The Cobweb–Can the Internet be archived?

Harvard history professor and New Yorker staff writer, Jill Lepore, has crafted a remarkable history of Web archiving–and the role of our own Brewster Kahle and the Wayback Machine.

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From the January 26, 2015 edition of The New Yorker.

My favorite passage:

Where is the Internet’s memory, the history of our time?

“It’s right here!” Kahle cries.

The machine hums and is muffled. It is sacred and profane. It is eradicable and unbearable. And it glows, against the dark. 

It’s well worth a read here.


5 thoughts on “The New Yorker: The Cobweb–Can the Internet be archived?

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  2. Jon Phillips

    Jill appreciates that the greatest cure to selective memory is a total memory. Hooray for Internet Archive.

  3. lotusgreen

    How do I see a periodical that I found with your beta version (which I love) in thumbnails? Also, was fascinated by the New Yorker piece. Thanks for everything you’re doing.

    1. internetarchive

      Hi. To see thumbnails, click the “Full Screen View” icon to the right of the book. Then in the bookreader click the “Thumbnail view” icon at the bottom (the four little squares.)

  4. Gary D Chance

    Just found Internet Archive today accidentally & posted 3.5 hour video comment from five years ago re surveillance. Can this really be true to protect information by providing the whole history of the Internet? I’m holding my breath while I wait, use and see. Kudos Brewster Kahle!

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