Discover Books Donates Large Numbers of Books

discoverbooksInternet Archive is proud to partner with Discover Books, a major used book seller, to help let the stories in books live on.   Discover books is donating books that the Internet Archive does not yet own and would have gone to a landfill.   Through this process the Internet Archive has more books to digitize and preserve.

Together we are giving books the longest life possible both in print and online.

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3 thoughts on “Discover Books Donates Large Numbers of Books

  1. Nemo

    Well done, both! I did not know Discover Books, but I see they do international shipping. I’ll check next time I need to buy an English language book.

  2. Nemo

    First order to Discover Books done! I found multiple books I wanted to check at 3 $ each, shipping costs to Europe seem to start from 50 $ or so but can still be convenient compared to buying from multiple Amazon marketplace sellers if you buy more than 4-5 books at once.

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