Micropayments to Archive.org by using the Brave Browser (and bitcoin)

I hope Ted Nelson is proud. The Internet Archive just signed up for getting micropayments from participating Brave Browser users.  Brave Browser is an alt-browser for controlling ads, mostly, but they added a micropayments feature (beta).

You need put in some bitcoin that will then be distributed to the sites you visit in a month. Cool! (they help you get bitcoin)

We don’t expect it will raise the money we need to make a copy of archive.org in Canada, but we are glad to participate in this program.  Thank you, Brave, and our intrepid users.

2 thoughts on “Micropayments to Archive.org by using the Brave Browser (and bitcoin)

  1. Daniel Aleksandersen

    I don’t mean to rain on your parade and I do like the work that the Internet Archive does. However, I do beleive web.archive.org should be excluded from the Brave ledger as it contains content scrapped from other ‘publishers’ (as Brave calls websites). I raised an issue about this with Brave yesterday.

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