Re: User account breach

The FBI helpfully told us that they found a copy of the Archive’s user database, dated prior to 2012, during one of their investigations. This database did not have much information that is not on the website, but it had lightly encrypted passwords of the users at the time. We have since upped the encryption level.

We have not noticed any uptick in compromised account activity at the Archive, so we’d bet against past malicious use. We will be emailing all Archive patrons who held accounts prior to 2012, containing much of the same information you see here.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.

4 thoughts on “Re: User account breach

  1. Naomi Bloch

    Hi, just to alert you that Gmail has decided the email you sent out to pre-2012 registered users about this issue is spam. I will unflag it on my end, now that I’ve found this post. But it could be that others will not receive your notification. Cheers.

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