Dreaming Open, Dreaming Big

Disheartened by anti-NetNeutrality moves in the US, but inspired by the reddit poster offering to donate $87million in bitcoin (5057BTC) to good causes (including the awesome EFF)?

It got us dreaming open and dreaming big: What could we do if the open world had lots of money, and specifically what could the Internet Archive do with it?

$100m (5930 BTC)
Bring 4 million books to billions of people and improve the quality of information on the internet for everyone.


$7m (415 BTC)

Rebuild the building next to ours to house interns, fellows, and researchers to create the next generation of open.


$12m (711 BTC)

Bring a million songs from the 78rpm era to the internet by fueling the Great 78 Project.



$5m (296 BTC)
Digitize and preserve the sound archives of the Boston Public Library, 250,000 discs (LP’s, 78’s, and CD’s), to make a public library of music for all.



$52.5M (3113 BTC)
Preserve and keep available our existing 35 petabytes of data forever. Based on a study by David Rosenthal of LOCKSS project at Stanford University, the forever cost of storing a terabyte is $1500 USD. Just long term preservation of the 200TB of US government information from the end of the last administration is $300k (17 BTC).

$15m (889 BTC)
Pay all Internet Archive employees with bitcoin for 2018.



physical archive$10m (593 BTC)
Buy the next building to store the millions of books records and films being donated to the Internet Archive. We are now filling up our current two buildings.



$4m (237 BTC)

Launch the Decentralized Web as a project to build a more private, reliable, and flexible web.


In fact, we are working towards all of these projects. But they can go much faster with donations and interest on the part of you, our Internet Archive supporters. Contributions of all sizes make a huge difference. The average donation this year is about $20. Together we can build a robust open world.

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