Audio / Video player updated – to jwplayer v8.2

We updated our audio/video (and TV) 3rd party JS-based player from v6.8 to v8.2 today.

This was updated with some code to have the same feature set as before, as well as new:

  • much nicer cosmetic/look updates
  • nice “rewind 10 seconds” button
  • controls are now in an updated control bar
  • (video) ‘Related Items’ now uses the same (better) recommendations from the bottom of an /details/ page
  • Airplay (Safari) and Chromecast basic casting controls in player
  • playback speed rate control now easier to use / set
  • playback keyboard control with SPACE and left , right and up, down keys
  • (video) Web VTT (captions) has much better user interface and display
  • flash is now only used to play audio/video if html5 doesnt work (flash does not do layout or controls now)

Here’s some before / after screenshots:

18 thoughts on “Audio / Video player updated – to jwplayer v8.2

  1. Karl

    Hi – thanks for the updates – but at the moment I’m seeing;

    Error loading player:
    Network error

    on all the embedded control bars on my website – is this a temporary issue ?

    1. traceypooh Post author

      Yes, sorry about that — I mangled a cache clear for about 2 hours.
      Should be fixed now — please let us know if any issues for you.
      Thanks for the sharp eyes and fast report! 😎

  2. Just Wannacomment

    Player locks up palemoon completely. Once CPU pegged. Have to ctrl-alt-del to get out.
    Palemoon 27.8.3 64 bit on win 7 pro.

    1. Just Wannacomment

      All is working now – nothing changed on my end. Magic of the internet or you have fixed something. Either way, thank you.

      1. traceypooh Post author

        phew! sorry about the frustrating early experience. _Thank You_ for letting us know things got OK with you!

  3. traceypooh Post author

    We are getting some legit feedback for folks with audio items and the volume slider going away (to mute/unmute).

    We will try to sort something out.

    For now, a workaround option to volume change:
    find a video on our site, eg: and change the volume there and return to the audio item.

    We had another workaround, but only briefly (since it had a cosmetic bug), to hit the playback rate/speed “Clock” icon in upper left to make more vertical space, and then get to a vertical volume slider. I will try to get that live tomorrow at the latest as a better workaround.

    Apologies for those writing into us about this frustration!

    1. traceypooh Post author

      OK, volume slider is back!
      (thanks to a little hacking workaround 😉

      Very sorry for misreading how badly this would affect audio items!

      1. Karl

        Thanks for the hard work – and info on the new volume slider for audios 🙂

        At the moment, I can see the slider on my audios in my Internet Archive library – but there’s some confusion,
        because there’s no slider to be seen on the same embedded audios on my website…
        I only see ‘mute/unmute’ buttons at the moment…

        Do I need to do anything ? Or just wait a while ?


        1. traceypooh Post author

          hmm…. we don’t have the vertical space above the controlbar to pull off the same volume slider trick…

          not sure what to do/think/try in this case, but still thinking and figured should let you know..

  4. T

    Is it possible to get a ten second fast forward as well as the ten second rewind? I use ff more. Thanks.

    1. traceypooh Post author

      Technically it’s possible. I’m trying to stay as much “stock player” as possible (though I’ve already had to customize (and in a few places, fairly deeply hack) it a bit.
      One minor issue w/ such a button would be the extra spacing for smaller setups. Maybe compromise could be only surfaces for “wider” windows/viewports (and the narrower ones would be more mobile/tablet anyway w/ their own control options, too…)

  5. Nathan Anderson

    Has the update completely removed the ability to skip forward 20 seconds? I used to use this religiously on recordings that had old commercials, but it no longer seems to be available. Thank you!

    1. traceypooh Post author

      on site proper? (either /details/ or /embed/ pages)?
      we didn’t have that — unless maybe it was a feature of your mobile (phone/tablet) native controls and now it’s not there?

      how were you watching / listening?

      sorry something may be gone now for you… 8-(

      1. Nathan Anderson

        It was in the lock screen of my iPhone. I could skip forward without having to go back to the player, but that feature is gone now. I second the message from traceypooh above. A skip forward button is so great, and I think it would be utilized more often than a skip back. Anyway, thanks for all you do.

  6. Dan A.

    Hey there! Sorry to hijack the comments here but I have a somewhat related question. Are the multiple video quality options outlined in this blog post still relevant?

    I have a series of presentations mastered in 4K that I’d like to offer (YouTube-style) in original 4K resolution, as well as 1080p, 720p, and 480p. I tried encoding these (All H.264/AAC audio with the faststart flag in ffmpeg) but the best I’ve been able to achieve is seeing one resolution setting and the auto-derived 360p .ogv. An example of this can be found here:

    Let me know if I’m missing something or if the process has changed. Thanks so much!


  7. traceypooh Post author

    Dan A. :
    [duno why our blog is acting weird now w/ comments…]

    you can upload an HD quality if it is h.246/AAC/faststart and websafe (sounds like it, bravo! 🙂
    just name the file like:
    and that should still make our SD derivative as MYVIDEO.mp4
    and our player will then offer up both HD and SD in the controlbar as toggles, etc.


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