7th Annual Aaron Swartz Day at the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is hosting a FOIAPOLOOZA to celebrate Aaron Swartz and to provide a yearly showcase of his many interests. Aaron’s work focused on civic awareness and activism and we will spend Saturday together keeping his prescient vision alive.

Doors are open for the hackathon and the daytime programming on Saturday at 10 am. The reception will be on Saturday evening at 6:00 pm with the main program starting at 8 pm with a music and dance party afterward.

FOIAPALOOZA:  Aaron filed many FOIA requests and inspired lots of journalists, including the now-legendary Jason Leopold, to use them as a tool for evidence-based journalism. So we decided to focus on FOIA and public records requests at this year’s San Francisco event. We aim to not only teach folks how to file their own requests but also to let them dig into the information we have received back from the 200+ requests we filed this last year with our Police Surveillance Project. FOIAPALOOZA speakers include Tracy Rosenberg & Mike Katz-McCabe from Oakland Privacy — an organization that just won an EFF Pioneer Award! — as well as Freddy Martinez from Lucy Parsons Labs, Ryan Shapiro from Property of the People and Brewster Kahle and Tracey Jaquith from the Internet Archive.

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Saturday, November 9, 2019
10:00 am Doors Open for Hackathon and Daytime Programming
11:00 am Programming starts
6:00 pm Reception
8:00 pm Evening Program

Internet Archive
300 Funston Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118

7 thoughts on “7th Annual Aaron Swartz Day at the Internet Archive

  1. Bill Noyes

    Reading about Aaron Swartz’s FOIA requests reminded me about an issue I researched into but discovered official blockage toward any final answer, concerning the Vietnam War. Pertinent to Project Hundred Thousand (actually 300,000 low intelligence draftees), I sought info on the tracking code used to study and assess the program over its life. I had learned it was likely a 67 code in the service number of each individual but can find no mention of this officially. Is it something that a FOIA search might turn up, perhaps already revealed in the Internet Archives collection?

  2. Bill Noyes

    I meant Aaron Swartz instead of Steve. Alas, Steve has recently departed this life and still often intrudes upon my thinking.

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