Register Now: New Developments in Controlled Digital Lending

Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) is growing in popularity, as is the community of practice around the library lending model. Next week, join Chris Freeland, director of Open Libraries at the Internet Archive, for a one-hour session covering new developments in CDL. Attendees will learn how libraries are using CDL, the emerging community around CDL, and the impacts of the library practice.

Register now
Registration for the virtual event is free and open to the public. The live session is being offered twice for your scheduling flexibility; if you’d like to join, you only need to register for one session:

Watch ahead
If you’re new to Controlled Digital Lending and would like to brush up before the session, check out the short video, Controlled Digital Lending Explained.

2 thoughts on “Register Now: New Developments in Controlled Digital Lending

  1. Louise Hopkins

    Borrowing a book in means having to scroll up and down each scanned page to read it as you cannot fit a page into the viewing screen even with a full-sized laptop. It’s either that or sitting at a desk with a full screen to c=get it anything like readable. You cannot download an epub or dpf file that is clearer but must rely on the scanned copy. This is what the advances in experience actually mean. It is retrograde step from being able to download it and with within editions or similar for a limited time as other public libraries do.

    1. Louise Hopkins

      PS I only wish would go back to the old system of waiting lists and reasonable borrowing times instead of the ridiculous 1 hour maximum.

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