Supporting Ukrainian Scholars Through Interlibrary Loan

Internet Archive’s full collection of books and periodicals are now available, for free, to Ukrainian libraries through interlibrary loan (ILL) via RapidILL. Scholars who request materials through ILL get PDFs of articles and book chapters from the Internet Archive’s full collections, usually in under an hour. Libraries can learn more and sign up for access here.

4 thoughts on “Supporting Ukrainian Scholars Through Interlibrary Loan

  1. Gerard Arthus

    This sounds good, but what about doing this for everyone anywhere in the world (or is this done already). I would prefer to see a headline ‘Supporting all Scholars through Inter-library Loan’. It also would be preferable for a Non-profit Organization to refrain form echoing political propaganda. The situation in the Ukraine may be a little more complicated than many in the West would assume. Their are no clean hands with either of those governments in that situation and some scholars were responsible (on both sides) for where we are today in the Ukraine. I lived in Russia, China, and some of the former Soviet Republics and I assure you ‘Western Media’ is not providing the historical background for this conflict. Provide the services to ‘All’ scholars and leave it at that.

    Best wishes,
    Garthus 20 April 2022


        I have been working with the Archive for well over ten years now, and I knew that. Why the propaganda, then. Supporting all scholars would include Ukrainian Scholars, then why mention ‘Ukrainian.’

        Best wishes,


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