DLARC Radio Library Surpasses 75,000 Items of Ham Radio, Shortwave History

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Internet Archive’s Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications continues to expand its collection of online resources about ham radio, shortwave, amateur television, and related communications. The library has grown to more than 75,000 items, with new resources including newsletters, podcasts, and conference presentations.

DLARC has recently added hundreds of presentations recorded by RATPAC, the Radio Amateur Training Planning and Activities Committee, and dozens of talks given at the MicroHams Digital Conference.

DLARC is adding newsletters from amateur radio groups around the world: the latest additions include 1,400 news bulletins from Irish Radio Transmitters Society going back to 1998, and more than 600 newsletters from ​​the Worldwide TV-FM DX Association, a hobby club devoted to long-distance television and FM communications. The library has also added newsletters from regional groups across the United States, including the Anchorage (Alaska) Amateur Radio Club, Indianapolis (Indiana) Radio Club, the Pikes Peak (Colorado Springs, Colorado) Radio Amateur Association, and a dozen other organizations. Many of these newsletters have never been posted to the Internet before. All are full-text searchable, and can be read online or downloaded.

Internationally known radio host Glenn Hauser has allowed decades of his radio content to be archived in the DLARC library, including 1,200 episodes of World of Radio, which explores communications from around the world, especially shortwave radio; Informe DX and Mundo Radial, Spanish language translations of World of Radio; Continent of Media, a program about media around the American continent; and Hauserlogs, shortwave listening diaries. 

International Radio Report, a program about radio in Montreal Canada and around the world, has also been archived in the library with episodes going back to 2000. Many of these episodes, spanning May 2000 through March 2005, have not been available online for more than a decade, restoring access to important contemporary reporting.

DLARC continues to expand its collection of ham radio e-mail and Usenet conversations from the early days of the Internet, with the addition of nearly 3,500 QRP-L Digest mailings spanning 1993 through 2004. QRP-L was an early Internet e-mail list for discussion of the design, construction, and use of low-power radio equipment.

The collection of ham radio-related podcasts has reached 5,500 episodes with the additions of 100 Watts and a Wire, The World According to Elmer, and 30 episodes of The Rain Report that were thought to be lost. 

The Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications is funded by a grant from Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) to create a free digital library for the radio community, researchers, educators, and students. DLARC invites radio clubs and individuals to submit material in any format. To contribute or ask questions about the project, contact:

Kay Savetz, K6KJN
Program Manager, Special Collections
Mastodon: dlarc@mastodon.radio

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