Bring Your Family to DWeb Camp

If you’ve ever been to a typical tech event, full of neon-lit booths and cavernous main stage talks, you know it’s just about the last place you’d want to bring your kids.

So why would we make children such an integral part of DWeb Camp? It harks back to some of our core principles:

At DWeb Camp we don’t think you should have to choose between spending time with your family and growing professionally. We realize that building a better online world takes many kinds of people, imaginations, and skills.

So at DWeb Camp, it makes sense to us to have children at the front and center. They are the reason we are building a better web in the first place.

So please bring your entire family to DWeb Camp 2023. We’ve created some great family packages to make that more affordable. At the center of our Family program is its curator, Andi Wong. She’s an arts educator, an ocean advocate, a storyteller, and a historian.  Andi weaves all these elements together to create a magical experience for the children and families at DWeb Camp.

“I like to get to know the kids and know what THEY are interested in,” explains Andi. “The goal is to get to know each other well enough so they can form a community. We try to introduce them to things in nature so they’ll understand  there are all these invisible forces and flows they may not have thought about.”

What can your family expect at DWeb Camp?

  • Educator-led program just for kids
  • Indigenous storytellers exploring creation myths
  • Juggling lessons with flow artists
  • Daily lessons in animal kung fu from a wonderful Sifu
  • Exploring  soundscapes–rain, ocean, river, forest –with the Del Sol Quartet
  • Open Play with clay, cardboard, string, paint — materials you can recreate at home
  • Archery, rock climbing, hiking, and a swimming hole
  • Scavenger hunts to help understand decentralized technologies
  • Evening talent show, game night, campfires with s’mores
  • Stargazing with an astronomer and a concert under the night sky
  • Sunset movies where you can drop off the kids
  • Giant puppet-making & a puppet parade at the end of Camp

Andi says there’s room for everyone from “babes in arms” to tweens and teens, plus their parents, who also form a close cohort. She weaves a rich curriculum drawn from the skills of the campers themselves. So artists, dancers, storytellers, coders: what do you have to share with our youngest campers?

 At Camp Navarro, accommodations range from private cabins to glamping tents with comfy mattresses and linens for 3-4 people. Or you can bring your own tent or RV. The showers are hot and the flush toilets are clean. So make DWeb Camp a family affair this year, and discover the flows of nature, technology, community, and your own perfect family flow.