LISTEN: The End of Libraries as We Know Them?

Why Is This Happening? The Chris Hayes Podcast
"We're now having the judiciary starting to judge against libraries in ways that we haven't seen in 100 years." - Brewster Kahle

The publishers’ lawsuit against our library is featured in the latest episode of “Why Is This Happening? The Chris Hayes Podcast.

Listen in as Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive’s digital librarian, talks with Chris Hayes about the future of libraries, and what the publishers’ lawsuit means for libraries & their patrons in the digital age. Chris & Brewster are joined by librarian and lawyer, Kyle K. Courtney.

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10 thoughts on “LISTEN: The End of Libraries as We Know Them?

  1. Kelsey

    Why?! why?! WHY?! This is wrong, this is just wrong. I won’t stand for it.
    This world was built on libraries, whether people want to admit it or not.
    I’m not just going to stand here and do nothing, no I know exactly what i need to do.
    Don’t worry guys, i got your back.

  2. Chris Weger

    We are nothing without knowledge. We cant advance without knowledge. I dont have a word for what this is. Its the biggest evil I can think of. We cannot let them or anybody take knowledge from us or keep it from us. I will fight. Dont doubt it

  3. jonathan haynes

    When Brewster appears on a podcast, TV show, etc., would it be possible for him to ask for a copy of the programme to post on IA?

    I ask because Apple, Spotify, and TuneIn are some of the most invasive, data mining-est sites there are. While I want to hear what Brewster has to impart, I cannot say I am overly keen on subjecting my browser to a site that insists on running a bunch of client-side scripts and/or cookies in order to do it.

    (Am I the only one who feels this way?)

    Commercial programmes have to be paid for: I get that. However, Chris Hayes’ podcast had corporate advertising in -three- different ad clusters. Surely this is enough to fund his programme without having to throw tracking and data mining into the mix as well?

  4. Terence Love

    The increase in homeschooling – reportedly up 12 percent since 2019 – is by all current indications a wave of the future toward personalized education for children, and greater independence by parents.
    With home internet and public libraries being prime resources in this positive trend, any drastic limitation placed on Internet Archive and libraries in general resulting from a victory by the publishers is bound to impact children negatively. If this happens, everyone loses – now and in the future. We must take actions necessary to ensure people can continue to access information as patrons to libraries in an age we may need it most.

    1. kelsey

      I agree brother, that is a major concern that needs to be addressed and dealt with.
      Libraries for countless generations have done nothing but good for humanity as a whole.
      So why fix a system that’s been working for literal forever? there is no point in ‘Fixing’ it.
      Let’s do our parts to make sure that this tradition stays good and strong forever more.

  5. Anne

    I don’t have email, so…

    Just a heads-up, probable bug…

    Despite the fact that I’ve not tried saving any where near that number, I’m getting a LOT of the:

    “Sorry. You cannot make more than (200,) captures per day. Please email us at “” if you would like to discuss this more”

    Is it site-based, or IP-address user-based, or cookies, or…?

    Whatever, it’s definitely in error, as far as my usage is concerned. I mean, “200” FFS!

    Please fix it.


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