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Robots.txt Files and Archiving .gov and .mil Websites

The Internet Archive is collecting webpages from over 6,000 government domains, over 200,000 hosts, and feeds from around 10,000 official federal social media accounts. Some have asked if we ignore URL exclusions expressed in robots.txt files. The answer is a … Continue reading

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Lending Launches on, Plus Bookreader Updates

We have been loaning digital books through Open Library since 2010. We started with about 10,000 books in the lending collections, and soon there will be more than 500,000 books available.   Today we launch lending on, so patrons … Continue reading

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The Evolving Internet Archive

The new version of the site has been evolving over the past 6 months in response to the feedback we’ve received from thousands of our awesome users. If you haven’t been following along, you can review a little bit … Continue reading

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What’s new with v2

As many of you have already seen, we are working on the next generation of the web site, which we call Version 2.0 (v2). It’s in beta right now, so go check it out! We get a lot of feedback … Continue reading

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Last week we announced a new beta version of the site.  The beta is the first step toward inviting people to participate in building libraries together. Why redesign the site? The Wayback Machine was launched in 2001, and the current … Continue reading

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Popular subjects in our book collection

We took a leisurely stroll through half a million books today, and we noticed that lots of the books were congregating around some popular categories.  This isn’t an exhaustive list, we just thought it would nice to share a little … Continue reading

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We want your old T-shirts. Really.

The Internet Archive is headquartered in a building that used to be a Christian Science church.  The great room includes a gorgeous stained glass dome, a pipe organ, and graceful wooden pews.  We seat 400+ people in this space to … Continue reading

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Create playlists with CratePlayer

I find great stuff on the Internet Archive all the time, and now I can use a tool called CratePlayer to create playlists from movie and audio files.  For example, I want to play a bunch of old Christmas … Continue reading

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Fixing Broken Links on the Internet

Today the Internet Archive announces a new initiative to fix broken links across the Internet.  We have 360 billion archived URLs, and now we want you to help us bring those pages back out onto the web to heal broken … Continue reading

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Borrow Top Children’s Books

Recently the New York Public Library published a list of their choices for the top 100 children’s books from the last 100 years.   We took a look at the books we have available via Open Library, and it turns … Continue reading

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Trovebox adds support for storage

Photo storage and organization service Trovebox announced today that they added support for storing your photos at  Or as they put it:     Check out their announcement.  We’re excited to host their patrons’ photos and keep them safe.

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80 terabytes of archived web crawl data available for research

Internet Archive crawls and saves web pages and makes them available for viewing through the Wayback Machine because we believe in the importance of archiving digital artifacts for future generations to learn from.  In the process, of course, we accumulate … Continue reading

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A/V Geeks fundraiser to digitize 100 miles of film

A/V Geeks has done a lot of digitization of old film for The Internet Archive. They are trying to raise funds to digitize many more hours of footage to put up on which will be free to view and … Continue reading

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HTTP Archive joins with Internet Archive

It was announced today that HTTP Archive has become part of Internet Archive. The Internet Archive provides an archive of web site content through the Wayback Machine, but we do not capture data about the performance of web sites.  Steve … Continue reading

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Digitizing Balinese Lontars

With the help of the Internet Archive and Ron Jenkins, a theater professor at Wesleyan University, the Balinese are leading the world as the first culture to have their entire literature go online. The documents are centuries-old lontar palm leaves … Continue reading

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How items are structured

What is an item? An item is a logical “thing” that we present on one web page on An item may be one video file along with scans of the DVD cover, one book, one audio file, or a … Continue reading

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1790-1930 U.S. Census Records Available Free

With the U.S. Census Bureau beginning to release statistics from the 2010 census. It seems a good time to mention that Internet Archive has a complete set of the available U.S. Census back to the first one in 1790: From … Continue reading

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Eels as party favors?

I was in Mexico City a couple of weeks ago, and we went to Plaza Garibaldi where all of the mariachi hang out, waiting to be hired.  There are great bars on the plaza where you can sip tequila (NOT … Continue reading

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