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The Internet Arcade becomes an Archive Reality

A couple years back, we introduced the Internet Arcade, which enabled people around the world to play a number of Arcade titles from the last 40 years in their browsers, instantly. We’ve also had collections of console games, and a … Continue reading

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Jason Scott presents Internet Memes of the last 20 Years at the Internet Archive’s 20th anniversary celebration. ——– It’s always going to be an open question as to what parts of culture will survive beyond each generation, but there’s very … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Preserving Digital Music – Why Netlabel Archive Matters

The following entry is by Simon Carless, who worked for the Internet Archive in the early 2000’s before moving on to work in media and conferences, while simultaneously maintaining collections at the Internet Archive and running the for-free game information … Continue reading

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The Hidden Shifting Lens of Browsers

Some time ago, I wrote about the interesting situation we had with emulation and Version 51 of the Chrome browser – that is, our emulations stopped working in a very strange way and many people came to the Archive’s inboxes … Continue reading

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Microphone Check: Thousands of Hip-Hop Mixtapes at the Archive

The Internet Archive has been growing an interesting sub-collection of music for the past few months: Hip-Hop Mixtapes. The resulting collection still has a way to go before it’s anywhere near what is out there (limited by bandwidth and a few other … Continue reading

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Those Hilarious Times When Emulations Stop Working

Jason Scott, Software Curator and Your Emulation Buddy, writing in. With tens of thousands of items in the stacks that are in some way running in-browser emulations, we’ve got a pretty strong library of computing history afoot, with many more joining … Continue reading

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Truck and Back Again: The Internet Archive Truck Takes a Detour

When one of our employees came out of his home over the weekend, he saw an empty parking space. Granted, in San Francisco, that’s a pretty precious thing, but since this empty parking space had held the Internet Archive Truck … Continue reading

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Saving 500 Apple II Programs from Oblivion

Among the tens of thousands of computer programs now emulated in the browser at the Internet Archive, a long-growing special collection has hit a milestone: the 4am Collection is now past 500 available Apple II programs preserved for the first time. … Continue reading

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Internet Archive Does Windows: Hundreds of Windows 3.1 Programs Join the Collection

Microsoft Windows was, to some people, too little, too late. Released as Version 1.0 in 1985, the graphic revolution was already happening elsewhere, with other computer operating systems – but Microsoft was determined to catch up, no matter what it … Continue reading

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The Internet Archive Telethon Pt. 3

See also Parts 1 and 2. We dreamed up the idea of an Internet Archive Telethon, and due to the work of employees, volunteers, and performers, we put together an (almost) 24-hour show. We had an amazing time doing it. But … Continue reading

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