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Archive supports subtitles now!

Our flash-based player supports “SubRip” files (files with “.srt” extension). About a month ago, we updated our video pages to automatically support subtitles. One simply needs to upload a file with a “.srt” extension (in the SubRip format) along with … Continue reading

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The Days of Sexy Cigarettes

Elegant women, strong cowboys, powerful executives, and Fred Flintstone smoked. Shouldn’t that make you want to, too? Cigarette ads once ran as frequently as alcohol ads run today. Today we see a voluptuous woman ordering a Disarono at a male-packed … Continue reading

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Audio and Video improvements

Hi Patrons, Yesterday we made live a large update to the way we create the audio and video displayed on our site.  Most folks might not notice the changes, so here’s a rundown: For Audio: We can now read and … Continue reading

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"Back Into the Shared Culture it Goes"

Sita Sings the Blues is a refreshingly unique animation that has gotten a rise out of people on both sides of the open and shared culture debate. In the film, creator Nina Paley weaves together the strikingly personal story of … Continue reading

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Home of the Brave

Gentlemen and ladies, please remove your hats for the singing of our national anthem. We sing it at the beginning of sporting events, during worship services, at memorials for veterans, and in grade school music class. The first verse of … Continue reading

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An All-Star Team

It has been about seven months since NASA and Internet Archive teamed up to create Through a Space Act Agreement, NASA has granted Internet Archive unprecedented access to all of the NASA centers’ media archives. While media from NASA … Continue reading

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200 Candles for Abraham Lincoln

Just about 200 years ago, or 10 score as Abraham Lincoln might say, one of the most iconic presidents in history was born. On February 12, 1809, Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks gave birth to a baby boy in a … Continue reading

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Travel Films From Watson Kintner

Before “wandering through the stacks” at Internet Archive, I had never heard of Watson Kintner. Although he is far from a household name, the chemical engineer who lived from 1890-1979 provided thorough and unique documentation of his extensive travels for … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself (With Some Help From the Archive)

New Year’s resolutions often center around learning something new, getting a new hobby, or opening yourself up to different experiences. New Year’s resolutions also fall to the back of the mind within a few weeks of the new year. Let … Continue reading

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Inaugurations Past on the Archive

Who’s ready for a new president? Two million people will gather next Tuesday in Washington to hear Barack Obama give his inaugural address, and many millions more will be watching on television. He and his speechwriting team have been working … Continue reading

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