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The Internet Archive’s bold mission is to enable “Universal Access to Knowledge.” After all, that is the great promise of the internet: that everyone with access to the internet could have our cultural heritage at their fingertips. We preserve cultural information and make it available to the public. For Free. Forever!

Libraries have always played a special role in society as stewards of knowledge and today we preserve over 35 petabytes of knowledge – books, music, TV news, software and more. We support the work of historians, scholars, journalists, students, the blind and people with print disabilities, as well as the general public.

The Archive serves over a million visitors daily. We have developed partnerships with more than 1,000 traditional libraries, universities and national archives around the world and champion the public benefit of online access to our cultural heritage and the importance of adopting open standards for its preservation, discovery, and presentation.


In 2017 our work was supported by over 73,000 individual donations, and organizations such as the Arcadia Foundation, Arnold Foundation, and the MacArthur Foundation.

  “I chose the Internet Archive as it is a library that becomes more and more valuable every day. They don’t just have the Wayback Machine, but they also have numerous archiving efforts for books, even abandoned games, and sites/communities that were shut down (thanks Archive Team!)”. — Pineapple Fund

“The Internet now plays a big part in human history, and the Internet Archive preserves that history, not only for the future, but in a present where countering misinformation is vital.” — Craig Newmark, founder craigslist

“The Internet Archive is one of the most crucial and yet under-appreciated institutions on the internet, and does an excellent job preserving public access to much of the true history of the internet that might otherwise fall by the wayside.” — Vitalik Buterin, founder Ethereum


In December 2017 “The Pineapple Fund” ( donated $1M in support our general operations.  The fund is now offering a matching gift of up to $1M. So, for every dollar we receive from donors, the Pineapple Fund will double that donation with another dollar.

The matching period runs through April 30th and covers contributions from individuals, foundations, and companies.

Donations can be made by credit card, check, wire transfer, or crypto via