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The Archive Cooks!

Cibi AlteratiWe have lots of cooking shows on the archive, but some are more entertaining than others.

My current favorite is Cibi Alterati, in Italian with English subtitles. They’ll (sort of) teach you to make Polenta with Ragu, Pasta Puttanesca, and Salad Dressing. In costumes, and with live musical guests.

Some other interesting choices include Cooking in the Nude, the Trailer Park Cooking Show with Jolene Sugarbaker, Cooking With Love Makes Pozole, an unneccesarily dangerous method for cooking sausage, and Cooking With Tom where he teaches you how to make napalm (not really).

If you’d like to learn how to actually cook something, try one of these:

If you’d like to see more cooking shows, do a search for keyword “cooking” on archive.org.

— Alexis