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Relax, You're at an Intermission in a Drive-In

These days, a good drive-in theater is a relatively rare gem to find. Although many have recently been resurrected and a DIY drive-in movement has even occurred, a drive-in is still often seen through nostalgic eyes rather than considered to be an everyday venue for movie screening. The collection of Drive-In movie ads that is on Internet Archive can bring you back to a time when you could watch a movie from the comfort of your car, visit the snack stand at intermission, and hang speakers from your car window.

Take a peek at some of the films shown during intermission:

  • “Step right this way, folks, for the most extravagant array of refreshment goodies ever assembled under one roof!”
  • “Public Demonstration of Affection } Will Not Be Tolerated Here (‘Nuff Said?)”
  • “If you like hot dogs, you’ll love corn dogs. Everybody does!”
  • The management urges you to go to church on Sunday
  • “Music to the ears of the hungry: the sizzle of a mouthwatering hamburger.”
  • Now go get yourself a snack, refrain from PDA, and visit your place of worship on Sunday.

    –Cara Binder

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