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new mp4 (h.264) derivative technique — simpler and easy!

Greetings video geeks!  😎 We’ve updated the process and way we create our .mp4 files that are shown on video pages on archive.org It’s a much cleaner/clearer process, namely: We opted to ditch ffpreset files in favor of command-line argument … Continue reading

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Improved theora/ogg video derivatives!

We’ve made our ogg video derivatives slightly better via: minor bump up to “thusnelda” release “upgrade” from 1-pass video encoding to 2-pass video encoding direct ffmpeg creation of the video (you’ll need to re/compile ffmpeg minimally with “–enable-libtheora –enable-libvorbis” configure … Continue reading

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improved h.264 derivatives!

We have thoroughly tested a newer and simpler way to create h.264 derivatives! Changes you’ll notice: More pixels!  previously 320 x 240    goes to 640 x 480 pixels Slightly higher video bitrate — from about 512kb/s   to   … Continue reading

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better mp4 (h.264) derivatives at archive.org!

Late last week, we pushed live a new video deriving technique, as well as in the process updated our audio/video file reader, ffmpeg. New items will benefit from this newer method, and prior items can be re-derived by users if … Continue reading

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Audio and Video improvements

Hi Patrons, Yesterday we made live a large update to the way we create the audio and video displayed on our site.  Most folks might not notice the changes, so here’s a rundown: For Audio: We can now read and … Continue reading

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Fast and reliable way to encode Theora Ogg videos using ffmpeg, libtheora, and liboggz

archive.org has started to make theora derivatives for movie files, where we create an Ogg Theora video format output for each movie file. after trying a bunch of tools over a good corpus of wide-ranging videos, i found a neat … Continue reading

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