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Do It Yourself (With Some Help From the Archive)

New Year’s resolutions often center around learning something new, getting a new hobby, or opening yourself up to different experiences. New Year’s resolutions also fall to the back of the mind within a few weeks of the new year. Let Internet Archive get you back on track with a plethora of videos, podcasts, and texts that offer easy how-to advice on everything from knitting to brewing beer.

  • How to Make Plushies
    These are those almost-too-cute-to-enjoy small stuffed animals that have become all the rage.
  • How to Knit
    Knitting guru Stephanie Pearl McPhee teaches Irish Cottage Knitting.
  • How to Make Fire
    Here is a short clip outlining one of the most classic and basic ways to make a fire.
  • How to Brew Beer
    A nice video showing the process of creating homemade brews.
  • How to Make School Gardens
    A manual from 1903 which explains methods for making gardens for children.
  • How to Make a Political T-Shirt
    Release your inner punk with this easy way to transform a plain t-shirt.
  • How to Draw Yoda
    A surprisingly simple method for drawing the famous Star Wars character.
  • How to Juggle
    A skilled juggler breaks down the steps mastering the juggle.
  • How to Make a Feature Film
    Interview with filmmaker Don Glut who gives tips on how to make a film.
  • How to Make a Bank
    Originally meant for children, this video shows how you can turn an old Tang can into a money bank.
  • How to Make Greek Coffee
    This is a simple instructional video about how to make authentic Greek coffee.
  • How to Play Trouble by Coldplay
    A thorough piano lesson on how to play Trouble.

    Continue the search for D.I.Y. videos on the Archive to hone even the simplest skills, like learning how to scream.

    –Cara Binder

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