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Spark New Ideas & Technologies at DWeb Camp 2019

You’re Invited to the DWeb Camp 2019

On July 18-21th, the Internet Archive is convening a special gathering around decentralized technologies and principles for a more open, private, secure Web. Builders and Dreamers: join us for a meaningful long weekend to explore concepts of decentralization and community at DWeb Camp 2019.

Benedict Lau of Toronto Mesh demonstrates how IPFS and Secure Scuttlebutt work on a mesh network of Raspberry Pis. Looking on: AlterMundi’s Nicolas Pace and Protocol Labs’ Juan Benet.

Hands-on hacking, workshops, deep conversation & creativity

Participants emulate the Decentralized Web itself in a creative exploration led by Taeyoon Choi of the School for Poetic Computation at the Decentralized Web Summit 2018.

Based on communal principles, most of the weekend’s programming will be community-created and  self-organized. There will be hacking, lightning talks, workshops and celebrations through music and art! So propose an activation, conversation, or project to share.

Space to experiment

Share your skills in myriad hands-on workshops.

The Camp includes a 10,000 square foot hacker space for building decentralized infrastructure and community-first dapps. The farm will be wired with a mesh network to experiment with off-line tech. Come build interesting applications for decentralization around: identity, file-sharing, local mesh networks, databases, mapping, and social media.

UX/UI breakout group including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder the World Wide Web at DWeb Summit 2018.

Swap Ideas with thought leaders

At DWeb Camp, we’re honored to be joined by thought leaders from many communities: Internet Archive, Handshake, Coil, Mozilla, W3C, Matrix, Holo, IPFS/Protocol Labs, Beaker Browser, Web Torrent, Web 3 Foundation, Jolocom, Bloom, Scuttlebutt, People’s Open Project, Toronto Mesh, Wolk, Aether, Earth Species Project, and more. Here is a partial look at who is coming.

Camp in Comfort

Need a tent? You can rent a 5 meter canvas tent complete with mattresses, comforters and linens.

We will be camping on a private farm surrounded by 700 acres of pristine coastal land with miles of beaches, forests, and streams. And no one said camping couldn’t be comfortable. The farm comes with toilets, showers, parking for RVs, plus 3 healthy meals per day included with your ticket.

From Open Space to WellnessWorkshops

As it is at Burning Man, participants should bring their talents and gifts to share. Some the projects and workshops offered by the community include:

Members of the Farm will lead us in mushroom inoculation workshops where you can learn to grow your own edible mushrooms.
  • Anti-surveillance technologies
  • Decentralized identity
  • Decentralized virtual reality
  • Decentralized archiving
  • Data swaps
  • Building mesh networks
  • Decentralized media storage
  • Mushroom inoculation
  • Permaculture & regenerative agriculture
  • Mobile renewable energy
  • Whatever you’d like to share! (Let us know here if you want to lead a workshop or give a lightning talk on any subject

Join us for a mind-expanding and heart warming weekend!

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