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Concerts On This Day in History

I’m always intrigued by “this day in history” type of facts. There’s some sort of immediacy to them that makes you feel connected to the past in a more unique way. That’s why I always like to check the “Shows on This Day in History” in the Live Music Archive.

With the weekend only hours away, many of you will be sure to check out local listings to see where you can get your live music fix. If it’s a slow week in your city or the pocketbook is a little dry, the Archive has you covered.

Here are some of my favorite shows that have been played on February 6:

  • Matisyahu live at The Showbox
  • Mountain Goats live at Cow Haus
  • Michael Franti and Spearhead live at Cajun House
  • Elliott Smith live at Silverlake Lounge note:incorrect song titles
  • Smashing Pumpkins live at The Edge
  • Warren Zevon live at Irving Plaza
  • Leftover Salmon live at Crystal Ballroom
  • Grateful Dead live at Henry J Kaiser Convention
  • Ekoostik Hookah live at The Metro
  • So, on this day in history, Ariel Sharon was elected Prime Minister of Israel, Monopoly went on sale for the first time, the Spanish-American war ended, Massachusetts became the sixth state in the Union, the first dog sledding competition happened in the Olympics, and a lot of bands performed some excellent shows.

    –Cara Binder

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