We want your old T-shirts. Really.

Pews, photo by Jason Scott

The great room. Photo by Jason Scott.

The Internet Archive is headquartered in a building that used to be a Christian Science church.  The great room includes a gorgeous stained glass dome, a pipe organ, and graceful wooden pews.  We seat 400+ people in this space to show movies and to host conferences on a regular basis.

The room is beautiful, but those pews are hard on the posterior if you plan to sit there for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Turning tshirts into cushions.

Turning tshirts into cushions.

So we came up with a plan – let’s make some cushions!  That sounds simple enough, but we are thrifty people.

We are taking old T-shirts and recycling them into cushion covers.  We are looking for T-shirts from non-profits or from tech companies in particular, but we’ll take whatever you’ve got.  Any size, any color, just as long as there aren’t holes in the fabric or big stains that may discourage people from sitting on that cushion.

This is where you come in!  Which one of us doesn’t have a bunch of old corporate swag T-shirts sitting in the back of our closet taking up space?  If you’re willing to part with those useless shirts, we’re willing to put them to use.

Drop off your shirts in person, or send your shirts to:

Internet Archive
300 Funston Ave
San Francisco, CA 94118

Have questions?  Email info@archive.org.

Your old shirts could make somebody's butt much more comfortable.

Your old T-shirts could make somebody’s butt very happy.

3 thoughts on “We want your old T-shirts. Really.

  1. Burton Samograd


    I have some old t-shirts I made in New York that you might be interested in, but I’m not sure if they’d be good to cut up and use as cusion covers. Would you like them; I think I might be kinda famous but I have no idea why.

    Do you want them to see how much you can get auctioning them off? I can’t get anything trying to auction or sell *my* artwork so maybe you’ll have better luck.

    Burton Samograd

  2. Sarah

    Thats a great idea, I have some friend in the US who have lots of old T-Shirts and will send them the link. This old church looks really great, I bet it is a amazing place for meetings and conferences.

  3. Michael Lee

    I would like to contribute my collection I have inherited over time. There are several dozen I believe and many are vendor t-shirts from the mid 90s.

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