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Making the Web More Reliable — 20 Years and Counting

As a part of our 20th anniversary, here are some highlights about tools and projects, from the Internet Archive, helping to make the web a more reliable infrastructure for supporting our culture and commerce. Launched a new and improved Wayback Machine, … Continue reading

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Searching Through Everything

With over 20 million items in the Internet Archive’s many collections, having a good way to search through them to find exactly what you want is crucial. It is equally important to be able to filter the data in flexible … Continue reading

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More than 1 million formerly broken links in English Wikipedia updated to archived versions from the Wayback Machine

The Internet Archive, the Wikimedia Foundation, and volunteers from the Wikipedia community, have now fixed more than 1 million broken outbound web links on English Wikipedia. This was possible because, in addition to other web archiving projects, the Internet Archive has been … Continue reading

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It’s always going to be an open question as to what parts of culture will survive beyond each generation, but there’s very little doubt that one of them is going to be memes. Memes are, after all, their own successful … Continue reading

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How the Internet Archive is hacking the election

There are thirteen days until Election Day — not that we’re counting. In this most bizarre, unruly, terrifying, fascinating election year, the Internet Archive has been in the thick of it. We’re using technology to give journalists, researchers and the public … Continue reading

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10 Years of Archiving the Web Together

As the Internet Archive turns 20, the Archive-It community is proud to celebrate an anniversary of its own: 10 years of working with thousands of librarians, archivists, and others to preserve the web and build rich, expansive collections of websites … Continue reading

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Lending Launches on, Plus Bookreader Updates

We have been loaning digital books through Open Library since 2010. We started with about 10,000 books in the lending collections, and soon there will be more than 500,000 books available.   Today we launch lending on, so patrons … Continue reading

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The New Memory Palace

By Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky      “Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” – Alan Turing’s biopic, The Imitation Game, 2014 A lot of things … Continue reading

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20,000 Hard Drives on a Mission

The mission of the Internet Archive is “Universal Access to All Knowledge.” The knowledge we archive is represented as digital data. We often get questions related to “How much data does Internet Archive actually keep?” and “How do you store … Continue reading

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FAQs for some new features available in the Beta Wayback Machine

The Beta Wayback Machine has some new features including searching to find a website and a summary of types of media on a website. How can I use the Wayback Machine’s Site Search to find websites? The Site Search feature … Continue reading

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Beta Wayback Machine – Now with Site Search!

For the last 15 years, users of the Wayback Machine have browsed past versions of websites by entering in URLs into the main search box and clicking on Browse History. With the generous support of The Laura and John Arnold … Continue reading

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SHOWCASE: the GIF Collider at Berkeley Art Museum

by Greg Niemeyer, Director, Berkeley Center for New Media Have you ever wondered what happened to all the GIF animations that sparkled in the dawn of the internet? According to artists Greg Niemeyer and Olya Dubatova, they have become part of … Continue reading

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Defining Web pages, Web sites and Web captures

The Internet Archive has been archiving the web for 20 years and has preserved billions of webpages from millions of websites. These webpages are often made up of, and link to, many images, videos, style sheets, scripts and other web objects. … Continue reading

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Authors Alliance and Internet Archive Team Up to Make Books Available

by Michael Wolfe, Executive Director, Authors Alliance To write a book takes time, effort, more often than not, love. Happily, books are built to last, and with the proper stewardship remain relevant, provide insight and information, or entertain for generations. … Continue reading

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Dewey Defeats Truman, Pence Defeats Kaine

  Physicist Niels Bohr may or may not have been thinking about The Chicago Daily Tribune’s famously erroneous 1948 “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline when he wrote, “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.” In a case of déjà vu … Continue reading

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Access to Knowledge in Canada

The Internet Archive Canada asked Lila Bailey to report on the policy landscape for digital libraries in Canada.   This is a summary of her report:   Looking good. On September 30th, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind transferred accessible books … Continue reading

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Oct 26th Event: Celebrating 20 Years of Archiving the Web

          The Web dwells in a never-ending present. It is—elementally—ethereal, ephemeral, unstable, and unreliable.                                         –Jill Lepore, from “The … Continue reading

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Internet Archive data fuels journalists’ analyses of how TV news shows covered prez debate

The presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on September 26 drew an audience of 84 million, shattering records. It was also a first for the Internet Archive, which made data publicly available, for free, on how TV news shows covered … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Preserving Digital Music – Why Netlabel Archive Matters

The following entry is by Simon Carless, who worked for the Internet Archive in the early 2000’s before moving on to work in media and conferences, while simultaneously maintaining collections at the Internet Archive and running the for-free game information … Continue reading

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Persistent URL Service,, Now Run by the Internet Archive

OCLC and the Internet Archive today announced the results of a year-long cooperation to ensure the future of The organizations have worked together to build a new service hosted by the Internet Archive that will manage the persistent URLs and … Continue reading

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