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Librarians Share Benefits of Controlled Digital Lending

This summer, representatives from the Internet Archive joined librarians and advocates in Washington D.C., to talk with  policymakers about how Controlled Digital Lending, or CDL, helps their communities. The resounding response from Congressional offices was that CDL “just makes sense” … Continue reading

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Remembering the First DWeb Camp, July 2019

By Frances Sawyer With a sharp yip and a deep ‘Ohhh’ cried into the Pacific evening sky, Kanyon “Coyote Woman” Sayers-Roods welcomed hackers, activists, artists, policymakers, and engineers from around the globe to the California Coast, traditional land of the … Continue reading

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Summertime in the Internet Archive Stacks

Around the Internet Archive headquarters (and most of the United States), it’s summertime, meaning high temperatures, a lot of kids out of school, and a sense of taking it easy and being up for some relaxing and fun walks through … Continue reading

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The Mueller Report – Now with Linked Footnotes and Accessible

The Mueller Report, orginally released as a scanned image PDF, is now available as a text-based EPUB document with 747 live footnotes and is conformant with both Web and EPUB accessibility requirements. The Mueller Report is arguably one of the … Continue reading

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DWeb Camp Profile: Mary Lou Jepson on the Future of Practical Telepathy and Learning from Pioneers

Some people are tasked with seeing into the future to offer us a sense of what it may hold. Mary Lou Jepsen is one of those people. Her curiosity sparks and ignites with the slightest provocation and manifests itself in … Continue reading

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Thank you for the donation of 78rpm records from a Craigslist poster

Mark Ellis alerted us to a Craiglist post of a storage locker of records being offered for free in San Jose in 2 hours. The owner wanted them gone. The Internet Archive sprang into action and our truck rolled. Lots … Continue reading

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Introducing the 2019 DWeb Camp Global Fellows

One of the most promising aspects of the decentralized Web (DWeb) is that it’s a movement that envisions a world in which anyone can be empowered to build their own communication networks. But DWeb is about something more than just … Continue reading

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Correct Metadata is Hard: a Lesson from the Great 78 Project

We have been digitizing about 8,000 78rpm record sides each month and now have 122,000 of them done. These have been posted on the net and over a million people have explored them. We have been digitizing, typing the information … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned: The DWeb Summit UX/UI Workshop

Guest post by Iryna Nezhynska What should the user experience be for the Decentralized Web?  This is a short recap about how designers from blockchain and decentralized tech organizations all over the world gathered at the Decentralized Web Summit — … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for DWeb Camp: A Conversation with Kelsey Breseman

Earlier this week, I spoke with Kelsey Breseman, a rockstar engineer and entrepreneur working to solve climate change, protect public access to scientific data, and build a better web. Equal parts concrete problem solver and utopian dreamer, in her spare … Continue reading

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