SAVE THE DATE! — Building a Better Web: Internet Archive’s Annual Bash

Please save the date and join us for our annual bash on October 3rd, 2018! This year we’re working to build a better web, one that is useful and reliable, and we hope you will come to celebrate with us!

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Fake news, the rewriting of history, power that is too centralized — we know the problems. Now let’s build a better web, together.

Join us as we demonstrate how the Internet Archive is rising to this challenge. Meet others in the community who, like you, are trying to help.

We’ll kick off the evening with cocktails, tacos and hands-on demos.

Let’s bring everything online and make it accessible;
Let’s make what is digital permanent and reliable;
Let’s build a decentralized web that we can trust.

Bring your visions for a better web and your dancing shoes, and together let’s build a stronger and more reliable digital commons.

Wednesday, October 3rd
5pm: Drinks, food trucks, and hands-on demos
7pm: Program
8pm: Dessert and Dancing

Location:  Internet Archive, 300 Funston Avenue, San Francisco

Tickets start at $15. If you are moved to donate more in support of Universal Access to All Knowledge, we appreciate your support. We will provide tax receipts for all donations made.

Get Your Tickets Now!

13 thoughts on “SAVE THE DATE! — Building a Better Web: Internet Archive’s Annual Bash

  1. Colyer Dupont

    Gotta love IA! I propose that the incredible amount of data be used to compile articles, books, etc on all kinds of topics. How about What Donald Trump Has Said and Done (lifetime?) to start? Anyone? I’m at cldupont at gmail if anyone wants to explore the possibilities. Btw, I’m not a bad writer; in fact, I write gooder than anyone! Ha!

  2. Frank

    I live in Baltimore and can not attend, I wish it were possible, but I support IA with monthly contributions. I wish more people would do as I do. No politics but progressive outlook.

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