100 new jobs for scanning in San Francisco

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom on the Internet Archive’s hiring 100 people to scan books and microfilm from the unemployment rolls leveraging a matching system using stimulus dollars.

Start at 2min 15 seconds.


We are gearing up under a similar program in LA. We hope other cities get similar matching systems.


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2 Responses to 100 new jobs for scanning in San Francisco

  1. botoks says:

    That’s awesome thank you

  2. Grand KUDOS to Internet Archives for 1) helping to reduce homelessness/unemployment by hiring those less-well-off to help build the planet’s best online-archive ever! Unbelievably wonderful! Where-else but in the best USA city of San Francisco, where I was born too… (I have been an anti-homeless activist since 1993).

    2) Thanks so very much for letting me host several of my radio-related albums/archives on IA too! Stephen P. McGreevy, 24 September 2013

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