Internet Archive encourages developers to add media to as well as to consume and repurpose metadata and media.

We are gathering some existing documentation on this page to help you interact with us more efficiently, but this is definitely a work in progress.  If you have feedback, please email us at

Overview of how items are structured

Downloading & Use
Downloading in bulk using wget
Embedding video
Embedding audio

Uploading via our S3-like API
Presetting metadata with the HTML5 Uploader

Metadata read and write APIs

Search & Discovery
Search API to return JSON, RSS, XML, CSV
RSS feeds

Wayback Machine
Wayback Machine Availability API

Book reader
Using URLs to refer to book pages
Bookserver for discovery of epubs
Open Library developer docs

Python wrapper for working with various APIs
Media derivatives for uploaded items

5 Responses to Developers

  1. SF says:

    Could someone post episodes of the “Sam Spade” radio detective show?
    It is a great show!

  2. John Hauser says:

    thanks for pulling these posts together in a single page!

    this one link can replace 7 or 8 that i’ve squirreled away and then have to retrieve when helping someone get up to speed on the magic that happens “behind the curtain” at the Archive.

  3. Ormond Otvos says:

    The free wifi backbone seems to be broken, from about last Thursday. No response from headquarters.

  4. wendy bower says:

    Colossal Cave Adventure 1975 (crowther) should be added

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