Wayback Machine has 85 Billion Archived Webpages

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine now has 85,898,456,616 archived web objects in it, and is available, as always, to the public for free.

A snapshot of the World Wide Web is taken every 2 months and donated to the Internet Archive by Alexa Internet. Further, librarians all over the world have helped curate deep and frequent crawls of sites that could be especially important to future researchers historians and scholars.

As web pages are changed or deleted every 100 days, on average, having a resource like this is important for the preservation of our emerging cultural heritage.

The Wayback Machine is a database that serves thousands of users every day, and currently gets 300 requests per second. The database contains over 1.5 petabytes of data that came from the web (that is 1.5 million gigabytes) which makes it one of the largest databases of any kind.

To virtually visit the Archive, please visit www.archive.org. To physically visit us in San Francisco, please call and make an appointment– we are open to the public.

85 billion of anything is a big number– thank you all for making it possible.

4 thoughts on “Wayback Machine has 85 Billion Archived Webpages

  1. tanya schexnayder

    Hello, well I thought I might take a path to the past and check out that Wayback machine again and I’ll tell you I started cracking up when I read that I have that many archives how is that possible? Does everyone have that many? Funny thing is I have been hunting high and low for a legit job online where I wouldn’t have to pay anyone to start working, right? Well of course to no avail but anyways point is if Im able to generate work like that well you would think someone would want to hire me LOL. So seeing this was a little inspiration from the past and my search goes on. Wish me luck. Peace Out– Tanya

  2. Tanya Schexnayder

    Ok it’s me one more time. And Ive gotta say I don’t like the idea of my name being apart of those archives at first I thought it was neat but then once I started reading I don’t like the idea of someone else catogerizing me or my searches with others that have searched on topics that I have never even heard of and then out of curiosity to find out what some letters meant and thinking that maybe it had something to do with the way-back machine anyways I typed in that Nwoinf site and I didn’t like it one bit it sounded like activist of some sort and I’m not involved in anything like that. I also read somewhere that if anyone that had there name on pages and that they wanted them off well then that’s all they would have to say. And I’m not exactly sure as to who I am suppose ask or tell that I want my name or web page or archive or whatever it is that you are trying to involve me in I want nothing to do with it And I want you to remove me from your project… Thank you anyway and if there is a way where I can be helpful please ask . Thank you, Tanya Schexnayder

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