Classic Television

Cavalcade of StarsThe Archive’s patrons, along with our excellent volunteer curator, twainbough, have been helping us build up a nifty collection of Classic Television episodes, and we think it’s time to unveil it!

Here are a few choice morsels for you to peruse:

— Alexis

6 thoughts on “Classic Television

  1. Robin_1990 (Real name Matthew)

    Hey, Thanks for mentioning 3 of the videos I uploaded! The Classic TV section is really growing fast, Hopefully the section will continue to grow and more stuff will be uploaded. I estimate that over 90% of 50’s TV is Public Domain, so there is plenty of stuff to add!

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  3. Kriss Daniels

    I’ve been playing around with using you tube for more of a “community” watching experience. Thats probably a bad description I’m not sure what it really is 🙂 I’m trying to get the TV focused viewers feel into online video. Why? Because I think I can. However some sort of real time MST3K is probably the best that can come of this.

    Anyhow my question is do you guys have a policy with moving material from the archive to youtube? Having a room/channel with random old serials episodes playing continuously appeals to me even though it probably doesn’t to anyone else.

  4. Marianita

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  5. Gary Stanullwich

    I’m in search of downloading/purchase or
    DVD purchase of 1950s Classic TV Shows. Such
    as “The Donna Reed Show”, “Father Knows Best”
    or “The Honeymooners”.
    I’ve benn through XXXX number of websites, but only a few have them…………but, only to watch on the internet.
    I’m looking to add to my video library.

    Gary Stanullwich

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