Nuclear Summit and Marionettes

In light of the recent nuclear de-proliferation summit in Washington, D.C., I thought I’d bone up on pre-cautions in case things don’t work out.

Today’s question is: Can paper maché marionettes survive the bomb? Let’s find out:
Rural Civil Defense TV Spots 1965:

A good fact to remember: your livestock can survive fallout. Mmmm…steaks and chops that glow in the dark.
And, In case you were wondering, fertilizer can act as protection from the bomb.

Some of my favorite snarky reviewer comments:

“A series of helpful[?] ads to instruct farmers how to survive a nuclear attack. Not only would this not help the farmers, considering how slowly he goes down the stairs, it doesn’t even help puppets.”

“Filmed in less-than-super marionation. Puppet design by Mrs. McGreevy’s Third Grade Class.”

“Well, when these PSAs were designed, obviously the creepiness factor was considered to get people to pay attention.”

“So…. did anyone notice the random squirrel (8:27)? I couldn’t stop laughing!”

“Aside from the random squirrel, the best part is when that guy falls down the stairs and the camera just lingers as he lies motionless. Its almost as if you’re waiting for him to get back up but then he just lies there and you say ‘No, he’s dead…’.”

“See it to believe it, and even then who can believe it?”

-Jeff Kaplan