We need your help

Some of the Internet Archive JobsNow staff

We love what we do here at Internet Archive and hope you do too. We’ve grown immensely over the past year in large part because of a program that is little known outside of San Francisco called JobsNow. It is a federally funded program which helps create and protect the jobs of over 100 people on staff who scan books, manage collections and make sure that we continue our mission to provide universal access to all knowledge.

Today, the House of Representative will vote on HR 4213 to extend the JobsNow program for one year. If it is approved the Senate will immediately also vote on their version of the bill.

Respectfully, we would appreciate your calling 877-442-6801 to urge your Representatives and Senators to vote for HR 4213.

Please call right away as they are voting today.

Below my signature is additional information on the program and the bill.

Thanks so much.

-Jeff Kaplan and the Internet Archive staff

Additional information:

1. Vote status – The House vote is supposed to be happening today, Wednesday May 26th. The Senate vote needs to happen before the holiday recess.

2. Take a minute and call 877-442-6801 and urge your representative to vote for H.R. 4213 to create and save jobs. It only takes 2 minutes.

3. Overview from San Francisco Examiner article

If the bill wins House approval tomorrow (May 26), it will immediately go to the Senate where Senate leaders will attempt to bring it to a vote before Congress adjourns for the Memorial Day recess. Republican leaders are likely to filibuster the jobs bill, meaning it will take 60 votes for passage.

But if it isn’t passed and signed into law before the recess, millions of jobless workers will lose their unemployment insurance (UI) and COBRA health insurance benefits beginning June 2, when the extended programs for both expires.

In a separate analysis, EPI estimates the legislation, which extends UI payments through the end of 2010, will provide an estimated 5 million unemployed workers with support, while ensuring access to affordable health care. But without this extension, over 8 million Americans will run out of unemployment insurance benefits by the end of this year. The extension will ensure that 5 million of these workers continue receiving support until the end of 2010.

4. Relevant section of the bill – see page 13


Extension of TANF jobs and emergency fund. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act created an Emergency Contingency Fund (ECF) within the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program to help States with increasing expenditures on: basic assistance for families in the TANF program; short-term, one-time aid for needy families; and subsidized employment programs (such programs temporarily pay for all or part of the wages of a worker in a public or private job).  This emergency fund is now scheduled to expire on September 30, 2010, which will lead some States to shut down ECF-funded subsidized employment programs even earlier.  (These programs are scheduled to fund 185,000 jobs by the end of September.)
The bill would provide $2.5 billion to extend this fund through FY 2011, as well as clarify certain program rules, such as eligibility for workers exhausting unemployment benefits.  This provision is estimated to cost $2.48 billion over 10 years.

5.    Full bill

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