The Awesomeness of Yosemite

Just back from a stay in Yosemite Valley. Just awesome…as it always has been.

So of course I came back and had to check on some of the history and other interesting information about the valley at the Archive. There’s a wealth of stuff found by simply searching “yosemite“.

This one from 1905 is one of the earliest with photos.  Lots of changes in the man-made aspects of the valley but not to the natural landforms that are so familiar and, well, awesome in the real sense of the word.
This 3rd edition from 1897 gives an account of the The Indian Wars that led to the discovery of Yo-Semite.
This one from 1873 might be the oldest book we have on Yosemite.
And of course there is “The Yosemite” by John Muir from 1912.

A great trip as always. The valley may be more crowded than a century ago but the experience is still inspiring and …awesome.

-Jeff Kaplan

7 thoughts on “The Awesomeness of Yosemite

  1. The Roaming Boomers

    Very cool! Congrats on your 1,000,000th digital scan.

    We just embedded a copy of Lester’s book on Yo-Semite to our on-line travel magazine.

    Wonderful travel nostalgia.


  2. Alfred Carrick

    Yes it’s a great place, but go there in the winter or early spring,other wise its like the Outer drive in Chicago trying to get around. Native of California.

  3. San

    One of my all-time favorite places is The Ahwahnee Hotel (built in 1927) close to Glacier Point, Upper Yosemite Falls, and Vernal Falls. It’s charm at it’s best.

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