Books In Browsers 2010 Day 2

Bob Stein, If:Book

9:05  Bob Stein of If:Book Bob Stein of If:Book showing the value of the conversation around books and how this has been proven in previous generations.

9:39 Richard Nash,, on how discoverability begins with the writer.  Writers! yay!

Richard Nash, Cursor Books

10:18 Kovid Goyal of Calibre is up now giving a demo of their opensource booksharing.

So, during lunch we had a fire brigade with a bunch the attendees helping to haul 57 boxes of hard drives upstairs. These drives total 2.88 petabytes of memory, 288,000,ooo gigabytes…enough for about 2 billion books (see photo below). Whew and yay!

Kovid Goyal of Calibre

2.88 petabytes - 288,000,000GB

The 2.88 petabyte brigade

I’ll have some more images up later.

Right now it’s a wrap and there’s wine opened so I’ll be back later….

-Jeff Kaplan