Memorial Day-More than BBQ’s and Fireworks

WWII Newsreels, Vintage Defense Department Videos, Soldiers Field Guides, Classic/Contemporary War BooksFrom Hillary Rodham Clinton’s visit with WWII’s Monuments Men (they recovered and saved Europe’s greatest art and cultural treasures) and Walter Cronkite’s reportage of the Vietnam War to an actual World War I soldier’s field service guide and collections of war poetry; the Internet Archive and Open Library are great resources to get into the true spirit of Memorial Day.   Learn about the heroes and villains who made military history.  Read and hear recollections from the people and families whose lives were impacted by the Revolutionary and Civil War to current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Vintage and Documentary Videos – Radio at War, the role radio played in World War II


Picture Books – World War I Photography

Youth Books – Scholastic Books – Nation at War

Time Life Series – Life Magazine Goes to War – Part of the Time Life Series

Primary Sources

Must Reads Chronicles of the Great Wars – Classic Book – War Poetry

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