Servers for the New Year: Thank you!



Year-end donations went past our goal of $1 million (almost $1.3m !) — thank you all for donating.    With this money we can buy the ten racks (10 petabytes, 10,000,000,000,000,000bytes) of server space to store the upcoming books music video and webpages we expect for this year.   (Since we serve from a duplicate as well, we have space for about 5PB of data).  We were greatly helped by a generous 3-to-1 match for the contributions made.

A few stats:   We received thousands of individual donations, the vast majority were under $100, and we received 20 that were $1000 or more.    We received 16 bitcoins which translates to $48k including the match.

The notes you left with their donations were heart warming and motivating.   It is wonderful to see how many people want the full breadth of information available to everyone in the world and are willing to put their effort and money behind it.    Still lots to do, and glad there is such a strong community to make it actually happen.

Universal Access to All Knowledge.

Thank you, and lets rock in 2014!


16 thoughts on “Servers for the New Year: Thank you!

  1. Ian

    Bug? For content saved now (1 Jan 2014) the “calendar” at the top of page tags it as if it were saved on “1 Jan 2013”.

  2. TevredenWerker888

    10,000,000,000,000,000bytes Wow that is a huge amount of data!
    Keep up the good work.

    Amazing that so many people made donations, even during the current economic situation.

  3. Homer Goodall

    I have a set of journals called “The Journal of Organic Chemistry” that had been scanned, but these are still under copyright.

  4. Nopiy

    i love to read story books during vacation time and now a day here is so cold so i am not go out from my home and read story books all time and watching television. It’s a winter frozen here..

  5. Greg Gordon

    Great to see this goal attained to. Appreciate using as a stable excellent place to store and have our information available to the whole world freely.

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  7. ayoub

    Thank you for this wonderful site ARCHIVE INTERNET
    And thank all of the most successful of this work

  8. Matthew Pascal

    I’M very grateful to be able to make the small donation,looking forward to more knowledge in 2014 .Thank you

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