Join Us for our Biggest Celebration of the Year!

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You are invited to:

Building Libraries Together

     Celebrating the Passionate People Building the Internet Archive  

Wednesday, October 21

at the Internet Archive

300 Funston Avenue, San Francisco

6 p.m. Reception & Hands-on Demo Stations

7 p.m. Program begins

Come honor our partners–the hackers and historians making amazing things with the Internet Archive’s collections.  

And we’ll present the first Internet Archive Hero Award to the Grateful Dead–Pioneers in Sharing.

Come try these Hands-on Demos:

SCAN a book with our next generation Scribe

LISTEN to a vintage recording

EXPLORE political TV ads and funny films

PLAY a 3-D video game with the Oculus Rift

VIEW Grateful Dead memorabilia

ENJOY free food, drink and music!

Get your free ticket here.





9 thoughts on “Join Us for our Biggest Celebration of the Year!

  1. K

    I LOVE the IA logo made of books! Wish IA had used it on their comments to the U.S. Copyright Office that I’m reading in another screen now — much more substantial to what you are, I think, and to the point you’re trying to make there:

    Question about the celebration — something I’ve been wondering about. If someone has ideas for projects they want to try with/in IA, is there ever like a camp day for everyone like that to get together with staff to share and figure out how to start? Would the celebration have any appropriate opportunity for that, perhaps earlier in the day? (Or would that be the worst day to come?) I’ve watched a lot of IA/BK videos and Brewster is so encouraging of ideas, but I’m not in that room and don’t know where to start. Even writing a letter is hard, it gets so involved; not my gift and seems likely no one would want to read. Like, shoot me now.

    Is last year’s theme, Building Libraries Together, supposed to be for people like me? “When an old person dies, a library burns down.” Think of all the people libraries. I have a few I would love to save and build, not just books, with a structure and not a loose dump, and ongoing. Maybe like Democracy Now does it if we had front ends.

    Good luck on your celebration! I know I will watch regardless.

    Best wishes,

    K in San Diego

    (*required field – no personal e-mail that I can access anymore; wish your form accommodated us)

    1. Wendy Hanamura Post author

      Hi K,
      Thank you for your comments and encouragement. Kudos for the design go to our awesome designer, Carolyn Li-Madeo. It was her concept, execution and design.
      In terms of how to “Build Libraries Together” with us, we are in the process of building a new set of tools to allow our patrons to curate and upload their own collections. This is one way.

      Also, we host an open lunch at the Archive every Friday at noon. San Diego is not so very far from San Francisco. People join us for lunch, share their ideas, see if there are like-minded souls in the Archive, and generally figure out ways to partner with us.

      Finally I am the Director of Partnerships–and I can see how I can help you reach the right people to make your ideas heard. My email:

      Wendy Hanamura
      Director of Partnerships

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    1. Wendy Hanamura Post author

      Not only has this awesome approach to business caught our eye, but the eyes of thousands of devoted tapers, fans, and Deadheads who have come together to post 10,230+ Live music concerts of the Dead on our site. These have been downloaded more than 106 Million times. That’s why we call the Grateful Dead Pioneers in Sharing. They were the first band to do this. Now 6000 others have posted their live music to our archive. It’s inspiring!

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