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Let’s Celebrate: Building A Better Web!

Once a year, the Internet Archive’s community pulls out its fancy hats, quaffs a cocktail or two, and celebrates the latest breakthroughs in building a better web together. Our goal: to bring you knowledge in all its many forms that … Continue reading

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Are you Ready? Decentralized Web Summit 2018 is almost here

They are coming from Helsinki and Tokyo, Berlin and Niteroi, Brazil.  We’ve invited archivists and activists, policy wonks and protocol builders to join us at the Internet Archive and SF Mint for the Decentralized Web Summit, July 31-August 2, 2018.  … Continue reading

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Decentralized Web FAQ

Baffled by blockchain? Decentralization left you dazed and confused?  We’ve answered some frequently asked questions to help you make sense of this new area of technology. Q:  Why create a Decentralized Web? A:  The way we code the Web shapes how … Continue reading

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SAVE THE DATE: Decentralized Web Summit 2018

In 2016, an early group of builders, policymakers, journalists and archivists gathered at the Internet Archive for the first Decentralized Web Summit to “Lock the Web Open” for good. A lot has happened since then! Today more than ever before, we understand … Continue reading

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Meet the Team Building Open Libraries

Open Libraries is a multi-year project to build the online equivalent of a great, modern public library, lending millions of digital books to billions of people who currently have little access. Working with US libraries and organizations serving people with … Continue reading

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Expanding the Television Archive

When we started archiving television in 2000, people shrugged and asked, “Why?  Isn’t it all junk anyway?” As the saying goes, one person’s junk is another person’s gold. From 2010-18, scholars, pundits and above all, reporters, have spun journalistic gold … Continue reading

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Betting on Bitcoin? Better see this film — Monday, February 26

We all know this person: the friend who bought a new car with her Bitcoin earnings during the boom. The uncle who moved his retirement funds into cryptocurrencies and lost his shirt after the bust. So why is everyone suddenly … Continue reading

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Cryptocurrency investors may be on a vertiginous ride right now, but one early Bitcoin believer is turning crypto gains into social good. The anonymous philanthropist behind the Pineapple Fund wants to inspire others to support the Internet Archive by matching … Continue reading

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Why We Do What We Do

This month we were powered by 75,000 donations big and small.  One supporter in Zimbabwe even sent us Twenty Billion dollars!  But what keeps us going is, quite simply, you.  Your words of encouragement and support remind us why we … Continue reading

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Why I Work for the Internet Archive

This year something magical happened. Our film curator, Rick Prelinger, noticed a film for sale on eBay. The description said “taken at a Japanese Internment Camp,” so Rick bought it, suspecting it might be of historical significance. In October, when … Continue reading

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