The #SaveYourInternet Fight to Protest Article 13 in the EU

The final vote on the Copyright Directive in the European Parliament is expected between the 26 and 28 March. As we explained previously, one particular provision, known as Article 13, would lead to upload filters being required on most Internet services. The proposed law has only gotten worse over the months of debate, and many in the EU and across the globe are concerned that this will lead to censorship even of legal content. The #SaveYourInternet fight has one last chance to prevent this law from taking effect. If you are an EU citizen, the most effective thing you can do is to call your MEP and ask them to vote against Article 13. Real world peaceful protests are also planned throughout Europe. Go to to find out where your nearest demonstration is. Those of us outside the EU can support this effort on social media using the #SaveYourInternet hashtag.

51 thoughts on “The #SaveYourInternet Fight to Protest Article 13 in the EU

  1. Luke

    Those of us who know and love the dark web and hold governments and corporations in contempt are ready and waiting for the US, the US or someone else to try something THIS stupid. What better way to get people off Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube and onto .onion darknet sites where no law and no censorship can reach?

    If China can’t stop “unlawful” content with the Great Firewall, what makes the EU think anything less will work, or that all the big ad-supported sites will value EU business enough to pay for this Great Firewall of Europe themselves instead of blocking all undisguised EU IP addresses out and being done with it. They can let Tor users in to maintain contact (as Google surely will as they do for China) or can attempt to block Tor users as localized ads will be impossible to serve both for legal and technical reasons.

  2. p james

    just like in orwell 1984…the first step to stop thoughtcrime. what happened to free speech? this is state controlled media by censoring the internet. you will create rebellion which is probably the goal in order to justify more censorship. you guys are fucked and will be shown to be the real enemy of society.

  3. Jimmy Sapphire

    Please don’t get rid of We love this website and life will NOT be the same without it because you have to understand that some of us have autism and I am a cartoon loving person. I feel passionate that no one ever cares autistic people like me because I find life absolutely worrying a lot.

    1. William Stendahl

      just like in orwell 1984…the first step to stop thoughtcrime. what happened to free speech?

      Human nature.

      “Oh, it started very small. In 1950 and ’60 it was a grain of sand. They began by controlling books of cartoons and then detective books and, of course, films, one way or another, one group or another, political bias, religions prejudice, union pressures; there was always a minority afraid of something, and a great majority afraid of the dark, afraid of the future, afraid of the past, afraid of the present, afraid of themselves and shadows of themselves.”

      – Ray Bradbury, “Usher II”

  4. Kawther

    I visit this website in my daily basis. It’s one of my best. I wish the problem be solved

  5. Frank Coufal

    I will do anything to help the EU save their internet for the sake of and all the other websites I love to visit. I have faith they’ll succeed in stopping Article 13.

  6. Jason MacKenzie

    It may be just as well to cut off access to the EU, seeing as this site already violates the EU’s GDPR by publicly publishing user e-mail addresses without their knowledge or consent.

    1. OfficerBill

      No, they don’t. Archive doesn’t publish any personal information without your consent.

      You sound like one of those people who check “accept” without ever actually reading the TOS and then complain that the provider used your info without consent.

      1. Jason MacKenzie

        I may very well be mistaken, but please show me the part in the ToS where it says your personal e-mail address will be publicly viewable—which it is, by the way. Check any “_meta.xml” file included with any item. It’s right there, in plain text, for anyone to see.

        1. Jason MacKenzie

          Lol, guess they’re censoring me now. Figures. They realize the truth being out there would be highly inconvenient for them. They might have to *gasp* implement a sensible privacy measure like, for instance, tying accounts to account numbers and only making that visible, rather than something personally identifiable.

  7. vb

    I think shall not be concerned by the law :
    “Ne sont pas concernées, les sites à vocation non commerciale comme les encyclopédies en ligne, les sites éducatifs et les sites scientifiques.”

  8. Daniel Teoli Jr

    I watched the video. Frightening what the world is turning into. If EU pushes it through, pull the plug on the EU if it will hurt the Archive.

    EU does not seem to appreciate all the work the Archive does. Just say NO to the EU and shut off their access to EU.

    You may want to give them a 7 day trial shut off now. See how they like it.

  9. Charlotte Ameil

    How we can let others who we know nothing about, be the defenders of ourselves; who we do know. I can’t understand.

    It only needs to convince more people who vote for any new law to stop themselves doing something, to get through. These are usually the kind of person who I don’t want to be.

  10. Justus

    I know china is censoring internet, but the EU should not be able to do it, If it gets passed, Millions of people online play online games, chat, etc. If it gets passed, They won’t be able to do these things. Also schools use the internet for school work, they won’t be able to access state testing, google classroom and other programs used for school work. Lets hope that article 13 does not get passed, we need as much support as possible.

  11. آهنگ

    this is state controlled media by censoring the internet. you will create rebellion which is probably the goal in order to justify more censorship

  12. Expulsionista forever

    I hate the EU. The EU censors the Internet, so must be dissolved. ZERO OPPORTUNITY/TOLERANCE AGAINST THE EU.

  13. Gary

    Living in the UK I am sick of EU wants this and EU wants that! Glad we are getting out of it I( I hope!!!) Sure these people work for SPECTRE!!

  14. RickVB

    I am as anti-censorship as anyone in existence, but I am amazed that there is such an uprising against this. I’m willing to bet most of you commenting here and many advocating against Article 13 also “oppose hate speech”. Promoting the existence of “hate speech” and punishment for its perceived use implies that you believe you can read minds and hearts, which any reasonably intelligent person understands is impossible. In addition, what is “hate” is in the eye of the beholder; completely subjective. Regardless, demanding that “hate speech” be outlawed is censorship, pure and simple.

    There is either free speech, or there is not. There is no middle ground. You began the slide down the slope by campaigning for censorship for your own purposes; why are you surprised and upset now that your “leaders” have defined what should be censored to fit their purposes? You reap what you sow.

    End all censorship; allow every individual to decide for himself what to listen to and/or believe. That is the only way to truly stop what you now perceive as a threat.

  15. anon

    They been trying to censor legal stuff forever but now it’s really in the eyes. Yet, things such as disgusting aggressive pornography is so easy to find, you don’t even need to type in pornographic words on Google to get results. Ugh screw this world. It’s clear what they want to do. Control the flow of information. Provide bread and circuses to distract. Porn is a great distraction. Social media, where the flow of information is already being heavily controlled, is also a great distraction. Come one and all, enjoy the world wide web! With 20 websites to choose from, or, a “content bundle” of your favorite genres, plus pornhub for only $5.99 extra for the adults, you will be sure to have a great time learning and doing everything we tell you to!

    1991 (publicly available) – 2019

  16. Bud

    I am a born again Christian, and I am against all censorship, because I know that the final goal will be to ban the Bible. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (KJV)

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  18. Hussein Bazarah

    My full support to Internet Archive, please do not censor the web.
    We need it very badly. This reminds me with the days when “e-mail” was going to be with money, not free, but luckily failed, that was at early days of Web.
    Lets hope this Art. 13 will fail.

  19. Adam

    The copyright industry/Axel Voss have renamed it article 17 to try to confuse people to damage-control the criticism:

    They are trying to change its “appearance” or “reskin” it but what it does is exactly the same: Making platforms liable for their user’s actions when content happens to be re-uploaded after being taken down. The copyright industry is desperate to try to gut the liability limitations or at least make it harder for online service providers (OSP) to be safe.

    This is SOPA (and its clones) and ACTA, but allowing companies to attack OSP directly.


  20. TravelDeal

    Well, the only problem with this new law is that American corporations will most certainly abuse it. All the copyright abuse cases are initiated by the US companies.

  21. SageBoss

    Last time I saw Archive.Org apparently updating the database. Many websites with a long history no longer see old histories!

  22. Asa Madsen

    Your making a big mistake European Union and Axel Voss you are a mentally challenged despicable human being though given your standards referring to you as a human would be rather inappropriate, if anything your more akin to a monster that threatens the values of free expression and human existence itself.

    If you impose these archaic laws you and the European Union will become the worlds enemy and this will only lead to more protests of the violent and non violent variety at your doorstep and I am pretty sure you and the European Union would not have the strength to take on the entire globe especially if your actions resulted in a war against you.

    As citizens of the world and users of the Internet we have just as much right to express our culture and morale values as well as our love and contempt for the industry as all the companies of the world do, and we also have the right to utilise the internet and archive the knowledge we gain throughout the passage of time to teach those of our generation and the generations that follow the ways of our society without being silenced.

    These directives you attempt to impose have butchered peoples faith in democracy itself if there is even anything left of democracy to speak of and if there is no democracy I can guarantee no one will head your laws and as a result the so called European Union will devolve into a Segregation the European Segregation.

    If you do not wish for this to be your countries fate the logical solution is to revoke Articles 11, 13 & 17 along with any other Internet limiting and censoring directives you had planned for the world and only than will your European Union remain unified, Axel Voss your attempts to crush the peoples idealism and free expression will only lead to endless conflict throughout the web that’ll spread to the streets and soon envelop the worlds oceans and skies.

    End these directives now before the world ends you and to those who stand with me or separately and value our internet’s freedom stand and fight against this oppression to your last breath and your last ability to type. #SaveYourInternet #KillArticle13 #KillArticle11 #KillArticle17 and finally #FireAxelVoss

  23. Asa Madsen

    So Internet Archive now that the dreaded Article 13 has passed a second time what will become of Archive.Org? will we still be able to upload and watch content here since this is an American site and is outside Europe’s jurisdiction? will people in Europe be able to see and upload content? I know the Article is gonna force Youtube to make some drastic changes but what about this website?

    PS: Sorry for all the questions I am just nervous and I really love this website it’s so much better than Youtube and Dailymotion.

  24. Website

    Article 13 will impose widespread censorship of all the content you share online, be it a parody video, a remix, a meme, a blog post, comments on Reddit, a piece of code, livestreaming your gaming experience, or even a link in a tweet.

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