New Support for HTML5 audio tag!

We just rolled out the tag support option for our audio files (which is similar to our tag support that we have had as an option for a bit).

So patrons can now opt to not use our flash plugin for audio file playback with relatively modern browsers (Safari v4+, Firefox v3.5+, Chrome, etc.) that support the new audio/video HTML5 tags.  For such browsers, you can visit an item and then look below where the normal player would be and click “Would you like to try the new audio tag?”  If you prefer this way of listening, we give you the option to set a cookie to make archive audio/video items always use this (non-flash) option.


-Tracey Jaquith

7 thoughts on “New Support for HTML5 audio tag!

  1. embe

    can you please turn off the automatic download function, this can be done – i think – with the ‘preload=none’ attribute; the new audio tag had already costed me 500Mbytes which i was not awared of
    for the rest: i believe strong in html5 and its simplicity


    1. Tracey Jaquith

      semi-hacky/gross “fix” is live now.
      you’ll be autobuffering (the same) ~1K blank audio file for all audio tiems now.

      (preload attr is vaporware now unfortunately — at least for most browsers)

      –Tracey Jaquith

  2. EB

    Thanks for doing the scaling of the controller — I imagine you had iPhones in mind.
    On that same note, do you think we could have some CSS geared more for an iPhone screen?

  3. operakat

    Thanks much, for rolling out this HTML5 a/v support.

    I like how you’re offering the a/v tag support even if users aren’t blocking Flash with the On-Demand Plugin setting in Opera 11a. YouTube should do this, as well.

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