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Audio / Video player updated – to jwplayer v8.2

We updated our audio/video (and TV) 3rd party JS-based player from v6.8 to v8.2 today. This was updated with some code to have the same feature set as before, as well as new: much nicer cosmetic/look updates nice “rewind 10 … Continue reading

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new video and audio player — video multiple qualities, related videos, and more!

Many of you have already noticed that since the New Year, we have migrated our new “beta” player to be the primary/default player, then to be the only player. We are excited about this new player! It features the very … Continue reading

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We’ve dropped the www.! Our preferred/canonical url is now http://archive.org

Dear Patrons, Last Thursday we pushed out changes to drop the “www.” prefix from our urls so that we have the newer/shorter style urls start like: http://archive.org We intend to keep this change permanently. We know there will be a … Continue reading

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new off-site video/audio embed codes

We are about to rollout a “new new” video/audio player 😎 You can see it in action now with our upcoming embed codes to go with this new player. It will allow for additional much wanted features like: – off-site … Continue reading

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new audio/video player — safari/IE improvements

below the current audio/video player on archive.org you have probably seen by now the link: Would you like to try our new audio/video player? (beta!) We had some known problems in this beta rollout that affected audio MP3 playback. Specifically, on … Continue reading

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New Support for HTML5 audio tag!

We just rolled out the tag support option for our audio files (which is similar to our tag support that we have had as an option for a bit). So patrons can now opt to not use our flash plugin … Continue reading

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Audio and Video improvements

Hi Patrons, Yesterday we made live a large update to the way we create the audio and video displayed on our site.  Most folks might not notice the changes, so here’s a rundown: For Audio: We can now read and … Continue reading

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