Our Newest Addition – Film Scanning

Müller Framescanner

We’re pretty excited about the film-to-digital scanner we just received. It is the first Müller Framescanner in the United States. It is the first film scanner in the world that supports all movie formats up to super 16 mm.

It scans Regular 8, Super 8, Pathé 9.5, 16 mm, Super 16m film and the images are stored as data.

Break out those home movies!

-Jeff Kaplan

12 thoughts on “Our Newest Addition – Film Scanning

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    1. internetarchive Post author

      yes. please send a note to infoATarchive.org to let us know what you might be sending our way.

  3. MhArch

    This must be very exciting for you. Do you have any specific projects planned for the scanner, or will you just scan new items as they’re received?

  4. carol creasy

    Are you going to get any old stuff (1890’s)? Looking for Mary Frances and Tom JONES in New Haven, Illinois (my great grandma) Tom was a jeweler.

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  7. Coderjoe

    This is a rather impressive-looking scanner. How are you going to be getting the audio? From what I read about this scanner, it only handles the frame.

  8. Jordan Nash

    Will this lead to some cool community restoration projects, where we scan in frames from old films at max resolution, fix them, and post them as HD movies, sort of like the commercial projects (ie: Star Trek TOS).

  9. walter newsome

    Will you be offering a service to scan home movies? I have a box of Super 8 but nor the funds to pay for expensive professional services nor technical to build a DIY scanner.

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