Browser popularity on’s blog

IE’s, then Firefox, chrome, safari (then a steep falloff before sub 1%).     For those that like these sorts of stats :).


Browser Unique Percent
Firefox 12.0 414 20.30%
Chrome 19.0 345 16.92%
IE 9.0 285 13.98%
Safari 5.0 280 13.73%
Safari 5.1 205 10.05%
IE 8.0 143 7.01%
Android 4.0 51 2.50%
IE 7.0 36 1.77%
Firefox 11.0 27 1.32%
Firefox 3.6 28 1.37%
Chrome 18.0 21 1.03%

3 thoughts on “Browser popularity on’s blog

  1. stephen anderson

    why do people,who supply archive film information,make things impossible for the poor lay person,to understand,im in my 60s,and have been trying to find old classic. old mother riley films, with arthur lucan and kitty mcshane,husband and wife comedy team,poor computer illiterate people like myself find computers daunting enough,but the way these people provide information,is incomprehensible,even for some one such as einstien,what is wrong,with list actors,actresses,film titles,etc,alphabetically,or is simplicity beyond these eggheads,? i am looking for OLD MOTHER RILEY british comedy films,and im sorry to say archive film listing by these egg heads,they are more like duck eggs,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,

    1. S.E. Thompson

      Hi Stephen,
      I just did a quick Google search for you on “Old Mother Riley British comedy films” and here is some information that might interest you.
      Click on this link below:

      YouTube has a couple of full length Movies.
      “Old Mother Riley in Society”- This features the first film appearance by Lancashire comedian Jimmy Clitheroe. He plays Boots, the boot boy in the grand household into which Kitty marries, making his first entrance 30 minutes into the picture.

      If you have trouble with these links, I’m sure that the librarian at your local library would be happy to help you look for the information you need.


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