Introducing the New TV News Archive

Announcing the launch of the fully redesigned TV News Archive.

This research library, originally released in September 2012, is a free service provided as a way to enhance the capabilities of journalists, scholars, teachers, librarians, civic organizations and other engaged citizens. It repurposes closed captioning to enable users to search, quote and borrow from the Internet Archive’s collection of 500,000+ US TV news broadcasts aired since 2009.

The new interface has been designed to give users better access to this collection, and to provide new tools that enable users to share short clips from any broadcast and track play and share statistics of those clips over time.

Here’s a quick overview of the site’s features; we hope they serve you well.


TV News_V2.0_Buttons_Final-10 3 1.38.34 PM

Search transcripts of US TV news shows aired since 2009

  • Search with topical terms to return shows with corresponding transcripts. Remember, you are searching the words spoken in the show.
  • Use the advanced search tool (click the TV News_V2.0_Buttons_Final-10 2 1.38.34 PM 3 icon) to specify a network or show name, or sort your search results.
  • Refer to the TV News_V2.0_Buttons_Final-10 9 1.38.34 PM 2 “info” panel throughout the site for details about your search results, related topics and other stats.

TV News_V2.0_Buttons_Final-10 2 1.38.34 PM

Scan and view show segments

  • Shows are presented in 60 second segments, each with a video and corresponding transcript text.
  • Scroll left and right to scan through segments of a show; search terms are highlighted in transcript text.
  • To search within a show transcript text try Ctrl + F ( TV News Launch Memo-02 + F on mac) to search inside the page. (scrollable transcripts are coming soon!)


TV News_V2.0_Buttons_Final-10 3 1.38.34 PM 2

Share and embed short clips (aka quotes) from a show

  • Shareable quotes are limited to 60 seconds. Refine your quote selection by clicking the “Edit” button and dragging the  TV News_V2.0_Buttons_Final-10 6 1.38.34 PM 3   handles.
  • Click a social media button TV News_V2.0_Buttons_Final-10 14 (or 2x the embed button) to finalize and share your quote.
  • Your quote will be assigned a permalink. You can always come back to see it!


TV News_V2.0_Buttons_Final-10 3 1.38.34 PM 3

Track popularity of show quotes shared over time

  • Quotes with a unique start and stop time within a show will be tracked to see how often they are re-shared or played.
  • View a specific quote by saving or sharing its unique permalink, or you can browse quotes from shows on the TV News Archive site by looking for the TV News_V2.0_Buttons_Final-10 6 1.38.34 PM 2icon.


TV News_V2.0_Buttons_Final-10 9 1.38.34 PM 3

Borrow full shows on DVD

  • Borrow shows (click the TV News_V2.0_Buttons_Final-10 9 1.38.34 PMicon on any show detail page) from the Internet Archive library on a DVD-ROM for 30 days for a $25 processing fee.
  • Internet Archive does not sell or license this content. Please note that this is a copyrighted work and performance, copying, or sale, whether or not for profit, by the recipient is not authorized.


[team pressing the button to launch redesign!]

Cheers, from the TV News Team!



11 thoughts on “Introducing the New TV News Archive

  1. Justin Briggs

    Great work!

    Is there a developer’s API for searching/downloading TV news transcripts?

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  4. Tyler

    GREAT WORK! The ‘overview’ video shows off just how slick the TV archive is and how much there is to choose from! Excelsior!

  5. Robert B. Livingston

    I admire IA for using James Clapper’s first public answer about NSA spying to illustrate how this resource is meant to work.

    Thus far, I see no edit icon or way to snip quotations on my browser. I use Firefox with a plethora of security apps– maybe that is my problem?

    Searching is rather awkward, but workable. Clips often display a file not found message, but when I click again, it is found.

    I tried a search of the IA forums to see if others might be having similar difficulties. No dice there.

    No question– I think what you are doing here is great and empowering.

    Best wishes.

  6. Stephen Coles

    Congratulations on your excellent work. I’d love to see some of these design efforts applied to the site as a whole, and especially the Texts section along with its browser and embed.

    Who was responsible for the TV News design? I don’t see any names mentioned here or on the site itself. You deserve to credit yourselves!

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