Books Donated for MacArthur Foundation 100&Change Challenge from BookMooch Users

Thank you, Richard from Georgia, for Theories of Development.

Thank you to the people that are starting to send books to the Internet Archive to be digitized.  The Internet Archive digitizes already, but as semifinalists for a $100million grant from the MacArthur Foundation, we are ramping up. Our proposal is to bring 4 million of the most beloved and important books to learners by helping all libraries become digital libraries.

Bookmooch is an online book exchange community whose members list what books they have and which books they want. When you send a book, you earn a point, to receive a book you spend a point. Some people have surplus points which they have generously donated to the Internet Archive to help us build our collection.

To start on our 4 million book quest we are looking at the most assigned books on course syllabi (as aggregated by the OpenSyllabus project).  We gave this list to the founder of BookMooch, John Buckman and he found 61,000 were held by community members and hundreds available right now.

Thank you, Suzanne from North Carolina, for Independence and Nationhood: Scotland, 1306-1469

The first books are starting to arrive, and there is much rejoicing!  Onward!

Thank you to Cindy from Massachusetts for Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir

Thank you, S Krashen, from California for Language Two

4 thoughts on “Books Donated for MacArthur Foundation 100&Change Challenge from BookMooch Users

  1. Martin


    I also sent you some books by mail to the Book Drive !!! I hope to see them online eventually.

    – Mastering OS/2 REXX Gargiulo, Gabriel F.
    – OS/2 Notebook: The Best of the IBM Personal Systems Developer Conklin, Dick
    – Os/2 2.0 Presentation Manager Programming Guide (Ibm Os/2 Technical Library) IBM
    – Advanced Os/2 Programming (Os/2 Programmer’s Library) Ray Duncan
    – Objects for OS/2 (VNR computer library) Scott Danforth

  2. Jim Salmons & Timlynn Babitsky

    This is a SUPER-CREATIVE collaboration! 🙂 🙂

    For those ‘moochers who may be wondering what happens once you arrange to provide a donation/loan to the Internet Archive for digitization, please don’t hesitate to check out our Softrek2 #SmartTrip report that includes a section about our #CitizenScience/#CitizenHistory projects taking the 48-issue collection of Softalk magazine for “ingestion” into the Internet Archive at the Midwest (U.S.) Regional Scanning Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (

    We funded the scanning of Softalk magazine as our post-cancer #PayItForward (Happy To Be Alive) 25th Wedding Anniversary present to each other. Through this creative program, you get to provide you amazing books to “Digital Posterity” free of charge for the Greater Good. That is a “win-win” in anybody’s book!

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