Why name a project giving away millions of dollars in Bitcoin “The Pineapple Fund?” “I really like pineapple,” explains this the crypto-philanthropist behind it all.

Cryptocurrency investors may be on a vertiginous ride right now, but one early Bitcoin believer is turning crypto gains into social good. The anonymous philanthropist behind the Pineapple Fund wants to inspire others to support the Internet Archive by matching every donation with up to $1 million in Bitcoin through April 30, 2018. That’s right, when you donate to the Internet Archive right now, you can double your impact thanks to the early Bitcoin miner behind the Pineapple Fund.

In December of 2017, a mysterious donor nicknamed “Pine” made a generous contribution to the Internet Archive: $1 million worth of Bitcoin. Now our Bitcoin benefactor is offering to “double down” with this challenge grant. “Preservation of the World Wide Web and digital media has so much important utility to the world,” Pine wrote to us in December. “Especially as time passes and link rot exponentially increases. (I personally extremely appreciate Archive Team’s work on archiving communities or apps that are shutting down.)”

As Pine notes, the Internet Archive team is working diligently behind-the scenes to ensure you can always access reliable information. In 2017 alone we:

  • saved 200 terabytes of government data that might have disappeared
  • fixed more than 3 million broken links in Wikipedia using the Wayback Machine
  • archived 757 million tweets

The Internet Archive is the digital library for the world—a trusted source of reference for everyone, free of charge.

The Pineapple Fund keeps a running tally of organizations and donations made to date.

We are one of 48 organizations who have received Pineapple Fund support thus far. Overall, the Pineapple Fund aims to give away 5057 Bitcoin (valued at $86 million at the time of announcement) to worthy charities; to date the fund has donated more than $44.5 million to organizations including the ACLU, MAPS, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Open Medicine Foundation.

The Internet Archive was an early experimenter in Bitcoin, accepting donations in the cryptocurrency as early as 2011. Indeed, Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, helped us get set up. Today, we gratefully accept cryptocurrency donations in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash and Ethereum. (Stay tuned, there’s more on the way.) And right now thanks to the Pineapple Fund, donations in all currencies are being matched 1-to-1.



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  1. rob says:

    we are investing in cryptocurrency but we are nothings get reward for crypto and its coin like olland coin, tex coin and etc.

  2. osmar says:

    Genial noticia. El trabajo de archivo que realizan es excelente 🙂

  3. He did a great thing, digital archive will be the most popular reference material in near future.

  4. Bill Botkovich says:

    These fund$ feel a bit tainted… the Big Valuation run-ups are (1700’s-era) “tulip-ville” mania that will end ill for most such speculators. Being too closely associated with this community will eventually look & feel like being too closely associated with the tobacco industry (or zero-down mortgage lending industry) just before their spectacular collapses. Take their money… but stay quiet about it… certainly don’t boast about it!

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