Free Hand Sewn Masks at 300 Funston Ave in San Francisco

One of the few people working in our headquarters building, Roxana Alfaro Rodriguez has been busy sewing cloth masks to give away.  We now have a dozen ready and they are available for free in a box in front of the Internet Archive.

If you would like one, please come by 300 Funston Avenue.  Please only take one or maybe two.  They take about 30 minutes apiece to make.  Thank you, Roxana, for your amazing sewing skills!

Stay Safe, Everyone!

11 thoughts on “Free Hand Sewn Masks at 300 Funston Ave in San Francisco

  1. Bill Stairs

    A petition begging Roxana Alfaro Rodriguez (who has been sewing cloth masks for free!) will soon have millions of signatures……….

  2. Freddy Hahne

    I rode my bicycle to the Boudain bakery nearby a few days ago and stopped on the front steps of the Internet Archive to use the WiFi to check on some work. A homeless man was also there checking something on his phone. We were the only two people on the street. I asked if he is aware of the precautions needed to help prevent getting infected with Coronavirus. He was but did not have the tools. I gave him my scarf. Now he can hopefully get a mask. Thank You Internet Archive.

  3. Romelle

    What a selfless and caring act. Thank you. Roxana’s face is beaming! What a beautiful face. I’m inspired. I can make some, and donate some masks as well.

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