Ukrainian Book Drive: Please Contribute

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The Internet Archive is requesting donations of Ukrainian books and books useful to Ukrainians. The books will be preserved, digitized and lent (for free to one user at a time) over the Internet. The Internet Archive is prioritizing the digitization and hosting of relevant materials for Ukrainians.

Already the University of Toronto and University of Alberta has sponsored the digitization of sizable Ukrainian collections, where the total collections on total over 8,000 items in Ukrainian.

But we need much more to support Ukrainians, many of whom are displaced and do not have access to their schools and libraries.

We need your help.  Together we can preserve all published works and make them as widely available as we can.  

The Internet Archive provides free downloading of public domain materials, services for those with print disabilities, free Controlled Digital Lending of books, free interlibrary loan services, free hosting for materials that are uploaded to, and supports web archiving efforts.  These services can be more relevant to Ukrainians with your help.

Please donate physical books and other materials, upload relevant materials to, and also consider financial support for our activities.  

6 thoughts on “Ukrainian Book Drive: Please Contribute

  1. Suzanne Willis

    Would textbooks in English be of any use? I’m a retired professor of physics and have a lot of texts for first year university physics (both calculus based and algebra based) as well as texts for astronomy surveys intended for non-science students.

    1. John

      I mean the IA appreciates everything but there might be a policy on textbooks, and university physics wouldn’t help Ukrainians that are fleeing their country.

  2. Eric

    Currently its very expensive to sent post packet to USA from Europe, customs and taxation are also problem. Internet Archive should open physical donation centre to EU area.

  3. Eric

    When sending books from Europe should we sent it with main goverment owned post service or can we use UPS or DHL?

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