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The Mueller Report – Now with Linked Footnotes and Accessible.

The Mueller Report, orginally released as a scanned image PDF, is now available as a text-based EPUB document with 747 live footnotes and is conformant with both Web and EPUB accessibility requirements. The Mueller Report is arguably one of the … Continue reading

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More than 9 million broken links on Wikipedia are now rescued

As part of the Internet Archive’s aim to build a better Web, we have been working to make the Web more reliable — and are pleased to announce that 9 million formerly broken links on Wikipedia now work because they … Continue reading

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Why I Love Helping Back up the Public Web

Over the past couple of years the Wayback Machine has been written about, or referenced, by journalists, researchers, academics and students in more than a thousand published news articles. This week a CNN article used the Wayback Machine to bring … Continue reading

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Google Summer of Code 2018: Thank you Google and welcome students!

The Internet Archive is grateful to Google for running their “Google Summer of Code” (GSoC) program, providing support for students and open source projects. This year the GSoC will support 5 students to work with the Internet Archive on the … Continue reading

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Internet Archive to host conference about saving online news

The Internet Archive will host the “Dodging the Memory Hole” (DTMH) forum Nov 15 and 16th.  This will be the fifth in the series of outreach efforts over the past four years. Presented by the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, … Continue reading

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Wayback Machine Playback… now with Timestamps!

The Wayback Machine has an exciting new feature: it can list the dates and times, the Timestamps, of all page elements compared to the date and time of the base URL of a page.  This means that users can see, … Continue reading

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Robots.txt meant for search engines don’t work well for web archives

Robots.txt files were invented 20+ years ago to help advise “robots,” mostly search engine web crawlers, which sections of a web site should be crawled and indexed for search. Many sites use their robots.txt files to improve their SEO (search … Continue reading

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Wayback Machine Chrome extension now available

The Wayback Machine Chrome browser extension helps make the web more reliable by detecting dead web pages and offering to replay archived versions of them.  You can get it here. For the past 20 years, the Internet Archive has recorded … Continue reading

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Making the Web More Reliable — 20 Years and Counting

As a part of our 20th anniversary, here are some highlights about tools and projects, from the Internet Archive, helping to make the web a more reliable infrastructure for supporting our culture and commerce. Launched a new and improved Wayback Machine, … Continue reading

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More than 1 million formerly broken links in English Wikipedia updated to archived versions from the Wayback Machine

The Internet Archive, the Wikimedia Foundation, and volunteers from the Wikipedia community, have now fixed more than 1 million broken outbound web links on English Wikipedia. This was possible because, in addition to other web archiving projects, the Internet Archive has been … Continue reading

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